Clubbers of the Week: Trying to Survive in Week Five

What Edi students do when they’re meant to be writing their essays


With mid-term deadlines approaching, for many Edinburgh students clubbing may be the last thing on their minds. But many are still dedicated to the late-night (and next-day hangover) cause, so we’re sharing our highlights here.

Stunners of the Week


I don’t know whether I love the slick back bun or the wolf cut more

Runners Up

Another year older, but still Young and Beautiful

It’s giving seventies slay

The matching set and blazer is so slay

A stunning trio

Proving that the most gorgeous girls <3 their friends

I need to know their secret to looking so good on the dance floor of Hive

The sparkly pink bag is EVERYTHING

<3 the eye makeup

Third Wheel of the Week


Missing out on the Moet

Runners Up

Does the girl in the middle not realise that the Eagles were THE team to support?

Rock On!

No face, no case

The hoodie vs outfits fresh out of NYFW

Wanker of the Week

American football players scare me

It’s giving Jordan Belfort and not in the Leonardo DiCaprio way

Boys putting sparklers in their mouths is the biggest ick

I can’t with the gang signs

I’m guessing the score was 4-4

I’m scared.

Gnarly dude

Not sure why he needs to be undressed whilst necking the champers

Hero of the Week


Bromances are IN in 2023

Runners Up

Who, me?

Love these smiley guys!

Office meeting at nine, WhyNot at ten

A very wholesome duo

No lies were told

How you feel when you’re mum gives you £5 pocket money

Peace and Love baby

Security bringing the vibes yet again

Love on the dance floor

What casanovas!

Heroine of the Week


I commend the bravery of putting FIRST and LAST names – Matchmaking Monday fans need to take notes

Runners Up

This stunner is serving cheerleader glamour

Heroines for being able to coordinate such a big group for a night out

When the dance floor of Big Cheese gets a little too full

The mist in the background and this gorgeous girl are giving Lizzie Bennet in the last scene of Pride and Prejudice

She said YES to Haribo

WTF Moment of the Week


It’s cuffing season after all…

Runners Up

Not everything is an ick, you can just accept that you don’t fancy them

There’s something about the air in Hive that turns everyone a little crazy

It’s fun to stay at the…

Is she spitting her shot back into the glass??

When you see your bestie getting with a 3/10 across the dance floor

Alright then…?

When you suddenly realise that the club photographer is your ex

Some people truly need to learn to keep it in the bedroom

Unhappy Clubber of the Week


Subway is for serious chats only

Runners Up

Why so serious on Valentine’s Day?

When you get told to point to your bestie

Even with all those VKs they’re not happy

Briefly possessed by the Subway ghosts??

Album Cover of the Week


If Ariana Grande wrote a Valentine’s Day-themed song, this would be the album cover

Runners Up

This looks like an ad for Moet

Its giving Little Mix vibes

Edi’s newest rapper

Best of the Rest

Gorgeous gorgeous girls, flip off the camera

They look like the best girls to party with

Sunglasses on to block out the haters

Midnight snackkkk

A rock and roll exit

This looks like something out of a music video

The ball gowns in the nightclub is both regal and feral

This is so hot and these girls know it

Getting down and dirty

The only way he could be making them smile like that is if he’s showing them photos of his dog.

Photographer Credits:

Thomas Miller: Hive

David Stewart: Subway Cowgate

Kealan Bond: WhyNot Nightclub

Hamza Anwar: Big Cheese

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