Why you should write for The Tab Chester next term

You’ll remember it more than a night at Rosie’s

Cardiff Blog: Nov 2 – 9

Highlights from the past week


Bristol Uni 22nd – 21st Oct
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I sacked off uni to work at a husky farm in Helsinki

And you probably just went to Thailand

Rosie saxon

The waviest garms on Parkgate campus

Werq it

Beer Pong is the only good skill I’ve learnt at uni

Better fluid mechanics than your engineering module

Show us some skin: What you should be wearing this summer

Sun’s out guns out

Chester’s Colin Firth: The well groomed gent who carries a cane on campus

It’s not your dad don’t worry

Are you Chester’s biggest name on campus?

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The Cruise cage is the best thing to happen to Chester

It’s basically a tourist attraction

Hello world!