student theatre

REVIEW: London Road

A macabre sense of humour grips London Road

REVIEW: Cigarettes and Chocolate

Silence has never been so violent.

REVIEW: The Clinical Trials of Hercules

Apparently, medics can be funny too

REVIEW: M. Butterfly

A powerful and creative performance


Bridgemas is coming, and here’s your cultural advent calendar

REVIEW: Are You Sitting Comfortably?

HOPE MCNULTY went to see Roald Dahl’s anthologies brought to life at Corpus

REVIEW: Duchess of Malfi

Gorgeous acting, gorgeous colours, everything was beautiful.

Review: I Have Lost Myself

An intriguing 45 minutes of theatre.

REVIEW: Dropouts!

This humorous show with Pembroke Cellars roots has not lost the sense of what originally gave the group so much charm.

Review: Offending the Audience

This deconstructed production is almost the non-play Cambridge needs.

REVIEW: Caravan

This isn’t your average caravan holiday

Tab guide to the Fringe: Sketch shows

Guy balancing ladder on chin not included

REVIEW: Lady Windermere’s Fan

Dani Cugini is a reluctant Fan of this spirited but messy Wilde rendition.


It’s time to get Friki up at Corpus Playroom


A gorgeous, troubling play that sticks in the throat.

REVIEW: Love, Love, Love

Jacob Haddad thought that Love, Love, Love was timely and thought-provoking, with real emotional punch

REVIEW: Maskerade

Maskerade narrowly avoids making a hatchet job of Pratchett.

REVIEW: Dancing at Lughnasa

Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa offers a gentle yet moving portrait of an impoverished Irish family, says Jamie P. Robson.

REVIEW: 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

5 lesbians. 1 quiche. What could go wrong? Almost everything, Dani Cugini discovers, in this hilarious play.

REVIEW: The Effect

Hannah Calascione’s show made Jonathan Ben-Shaul laugh, cry and left him completely breathless and wanting more.