REVIEW: Breathing Corpses

Luke Dell was captivated by the ingenuity of this brilliant play which was all at once moving, tense, and stimulating

REVIEW: Maskerade

Maskerade narrowly avoids making a hatchet job of Pratchett.

REVIEW: Dancing at Lughnasa

Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa offers a gentle yet moving portrait of an impoverished Irish family, says Jamie P. Robson.

Why do girls love calling each other sluts?

The week 8 ADC late show Girls Like That follows a group of girls and explores the toxic, social-media dominated world we grow up in.

REVIEW: 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

5 lesbians. 1 quiche. What could go wrong? Almost everything, Dani Cugini discovers, in this hilarious play.

REVIEW: The Effect

Hannah Calascione’s show made Jonathan Ben-Shaul laugh, cry and left him completely breathless and wanting more.

The Love of the Nightingale and violence against women

Fresher director Eva O’Flynn discusses dealing with themes of rape and abuse of women in theatre on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

REVIEW: The Play’s the Thing

The Pembroke Players have crafted a flawed but undeniably fun production of an early Wodehousian gem, says Jamie P. Robson.

REVIEW: 4.48 Psychosis

Dani Cugini is still recovering from this brilliant production

REVIEW: The Pirates of Penzance

Luke was thoroughly impressed by this imaginative rendition of one of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most famous comic operettas.

REVIEW: Frozen

Rosie Brown is gutted to discover that this isn’t a stage adaptation of the beloved Disney movie.

REVIEW: As You Like It

Dani Cugini decides that this warmly witty production is truly As She Likes It. (Get it? Get it? I’ll let myself out.)


Carine was told to have low expectations and to be ready to laugh at the freshers if everything else went wrong, but in spite of some errors she found this show a pleasure to watch.

REVIEW: The Fastest Clock in the Universe

Robyn Bellinger and Sayana Turpin-Aviram think ‘disturbingly funny’ sums up this refreshing production.

REVIEW: Killer Joe

Mark Danciger thinks Killer Joe’s mix of laugh out loud humour and brutal violence makes for a thrilling production.

Pembroke Players president protests preposterous prices at playhouse

For everyone who’s ever thought ‘Gee, I wish my Nando’s Card worked for plays.’

REVIEW: Dying City

After the excitement of fresher’s week, Jacob Haddad thinks this intimately staged play is perfect for hung-over reflection.


Corpus playroom’s small theatre space lends itself to the intense feeling of claustrophobia in LAUNCH.

REVIEW: The Taming of the Shrew

Molly O’Connor came to this show with high expectations and they were certainly met.


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