Acting Up: The ADC’s weirdest behind the scenes stories

So much drama

Flicked off: ADC show cancelled after rights fiasco

They seem to have forgotten they’d given exclusive rights to the National Theatre.

The Week Ahead: A Streetcar Named Desire, Mark Hamill and Turf @ Junction

From Luke Skywalker to Lare+Lola, we bring you all the must-attend events for this week

Review: Bugsy Malone

Sayana Turpin-Aviram was entertained by Bugsy Malone, a subversive take on the world of 1920s gangsters.

REVIEW: Great Expectations

Robyn Bellinger saw huge potential in Great Expectations but felt the energy was lacking.

REVIEW: Metamorphosis

Peter Curry loved this creative and intriguing interpretation of Metamorphosis which did justice to Kafka’s masterpiece.

REVIEW: Peter Grimes

Mark Danciger enjoyed Peter Grimes, a beautifully designed piece of student writing.

REVIEW: Ten Plagues

Dani Cugini is confused and mesmerised by one of Cambridge’s most experimental shows to date.

REVIEW: Measure for Measure

Shakespeare’s meditation on vice and virtue has been marvellously brought to life by the Marlowe Society at The Cambridge Arts Theatre.

REVIEW: Philadelphia, Here I Come!

Jamie P. Robson is enchanted by this pitch-perfect production of Brian Friel’s humorous, touching play about the uncertainties of leaving home.

In their own words: The cast of Measure for Measure

‘You can often find me being too tactile in the ADC Bar.’

REVIEW: More Revelations

An imperfect but entertaining show that provides endless surprises, says Dani Cugini.

REVIEW: Spring Awakening

A proficient, if not dazzling, performance of a modern classic, says DANI CUGINI

REVIEW: The History Boys

The History Boys demands a livelier production to match the scintillating wit of the script, says Jamie P. Robson.

REVIEW: The Lesson

An enjoyably dark one-act play with a stunning lead. Perfect if you fancy an exploration of education and violence – outside of supervisions, that is …

Talking to the Cambridge girls who are about to perform The History Boys

Jamie P. Robson chats to the brains behind the upcoming production of The History Boys about cross-casting, foreskins, and breaking the glass fourth wall

REVIEW: The Wizard of Obs

Side effects of the Addenbrooke’s Charity Panto may include joy, laughter, and a great evening out, diagnoses Dr. Truelove.

REVIEW: Trojan Barbie

Justin Yang was enchanted by Trojan Barbie, a timely and haunting meditation on the timeless themes of conflict and suffering

REVIEW: Arsenic and Old Lace (guest starring: a fire alarm!)

Sayana enjoyed Arsenic and Old Lace, an experience not in the least dampened by the sudden non-theatrical drama in the middle of proceedings

REVIEW: Love, Love, Love

Jacob Haddad thought that Love, Love, Love was timely and thought-provoking, with real emotional punch