The time has come to start the TTA poll rollin’!

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We’ve taken into account a few of your suggestions and have decided to split these nominations between plays which were put on at the ADC and those put on at Corpus Playroom. We are also aware of the time constraints that effect main and late shows differently. However, for ease of voting we have decided to continue with the current format.

A massive well done to the following plays, and everyone involved in their production, all of which were nominated as the best drama the ADC has seen this whole academic year.

Having said this, we have also reconsidered the problematic label ‘best’. Please do vote on your “best-but-not-actually-the-best-more-a-subjective-view-of-a-number-of-respondents” ADC drama:


Oedipus and Antigone, by Sophocles – adaptation by Phil Willmott

Played: 7:45pm, Tue 21st October 2014 – Sat 25th October 2014

This adaptation of Sophocles’s classic was put on at the start of the year and received a killer review.


The Merrier, by Laura Batey

Played: 11:00pm, Wed 5th November 2014 – Sat 8th November 2014

A ‘spunky piece of new writing’, this delight was given 4 stars.


Saint Joan, by George Bernard Shaw

Played: 11:00pm, Wed 12th November 2014 – Sat 15th November 2014

Where this play lacks in Tab review it makes up for in nominations. Praised at the time for its confidence and fast pace.


Equus, by Peter Shaffer

Played: 7:45pm, Tue 27th January 2015 – Sat 31st January 2015

The play divided the opinion of our reviewers, but they both agreed it was thoroughly entertaining and well worth a watch.


‘Tis Pity She’s A Whore, by John Ford

Played: 7:45pm, Tue 17th February 2015 – Sat 21st February 2015

Described as ‘a slick performance from start to finish’, ‘Tis pity went the whole way, gaining a first.


The Strip, by Phyllis Nagy

Played: 7:45pm, Tue 3rd March 2015 – Sat 7th March 2015

Praised as ‘a barrel of laughs’, this weird and wacky play came in with a high 2.1.


Come back tomorrow to vote on a Corpus drama. We are still welcoming nominations for the other categories. Keep them coming in to [email protected].