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This TikToker got fired for saying the n-word in a video, and now she’s doubling down on it

Lilly Gaddis’ TikTok has now been deactivated, but she’s not sorry

TikToker Lilly Gaddis, who posted under her name Llddis and had 45.1K followers, has been fired from her job after saying the n-word in a controversial video posted to her TikTok channel. Since saying it, Gaddis had doubled down on the use of the word and is now defending her use of it on Twitter where she is getting support from controversial voices of the far right. Yikes.

Gaddis posts on TikTok as a self proclaimed ‘Trad-wife’.

In a video posted to her @llddis channel, Lilly Gaddis discussed her idea about the misconception of women being gold diggers and used racist terms like “fresh off the boat.”

Gaddis, who is a white woman,  also said in the above video “Everybody I know who’s married right now, they’re married to broke-ass n***as.”

This was widely criticised, obviously – which resulted in her posting a response video on the now deleted account.

In the “apology video”, Lily Gaddis says “So a recent video of mine seems to have upset members of a certain community. All the backlash has really made me do a deep dive, do a soul search, and after all that I still couldn’t find a care.” YIKES.

Her former place of work, Rophe of the Carolinas, announced Lilly Gaddis had been fired after her TikTok due to “inflammatory remarks” made by a “newly hired employee.”

The statement continued, “We are owned and operated by [an] African American female and [are an] immigrant owned business and handled the situation as quickly as we could. We want to assure you that we are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and respectful work environment where all individuals are valued and respected. … We appreciate the support and trust of our community, and we are dedicated to earning back any confidence that may have been shaken by this unfortunate incident.”

Her Twitter, which I won’t be sharing here, has 77K followers and Gaddis has been using it to retweet people saying the n-word, whilst also saying ableist slurs and sharing pictures of far-right Tommy Robinson and referring to him as “Daddy”.

She has also had support from far right voices like Alex Jones, who said “I think I’m in love” when referring to Gaddis’ videos and Milo Yiannopoulos said “all my happiness depends on you now” in reference to her.

Lilly Gaddis also stated on Twitter after her TikTok scandal “Thanks black community for helping to launch my new career in conservative media! You all played your role well like the puppets you are.

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