George went to his own funeral Young Sheldon finale theory

This wild theory explains why George attended his own funeral at the end of Young Sheldon

This would make so much sense

There’s a wild theory which explains why George attended his own funeral at the end of Young Sheldon. After the show came to an end, it was revealed Lance Barber, who played George in the show, went to the funeral of his own character dressed as an old lady.

Whilst at the time the cast joked he’d gone as the female version of himself, named “Georgina”, there’s a theory of who he was actually meant to be disguised as, whilst hiding in the background of George’s funeral.

It’s previously been pointed out that one small and heartbreaking detail of these final scenes was that George’s sister Ruth didn’t make the journey to see off her brother. George’s sister Ruth didn’t go to her brother’s funeral, nor was she mentioned throughout it. Ruth has never been a physical character in Young Sheldon, but she has been mentioned before, and some viewers have thought she would have made an appearance for the funeral of her brother.

Her lack of showing up is symbolic of just how isolated George was, after prioritising his wife and children. This choice of Ruth not being shown truly highlights George’s devotion to his new, immediate family over his born, existing one. All of George’s other closest friends, relatives and colleagues went to the ceremony.

But now, fans are theorising Lance going to his own funeral dressed as a woman was in fact meant to be Ruth. I mean, it’s his sister – so the characters would look alike!

Despite George and Ruth not having a good relationship, it would have been expected for Ruth to make the trip to Medford to say goodbye to her brother. If she did, it would also be expected for her to probably opt to sit at the back and not make a big deal of herself being there – much like Lance did dressed up as an old lady.

Look, it makes sense!

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