Young Sheldon easter eggs

All of the emotional easter eggs you might have missed in the Young Sheldon finale

Some are so secretive!

If you’re anything like me, you watched the Young Sheldon finale through teary eyes so it might have been hard to spot exactly all the easter eggs that were included in the episode. But Executive producer Steve Holland has revealed some of the most wholesome and secretive easter eggs they made sure to include for fans of both Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory.

From Sheldon’s personal items from Big Bang Theory and his childhood to cameos from one of the most important people in both shows histories there’s a lot to unpack. Let’s find out which easter eggs were included in the final episode, and make sure to keep track of how many you managed to spot at the time at the time and which ones you didn’t know.

Sheldon’s items from Big Bang Theory


You might have spotted some familiar looking items in Sheldon and Amy’s home, both from the set of Big Bang Theory and some from when Sheldon was younger. Executive producer Steve Holland explained how the crew visited the museum on the Warner Bros lot to see what easter eggs the should include in the Young Sheldon finale episode.

He told PEOPLE: “The Big Bang Theory set is in a Warner Brothers museum here on the lot, so we went to the set in the museum and we started going through it and saying, ‘Well, what would Sheldon still have?’ So, the easter eggs are a collection of things from Big Bang Theory and from Young Sheldon from his childhood that are sort of hidden in the background, Hopefully, people aren’t looking for it necessarily the first time around, but if you want to go back, freeze-frame and play a little game of what can you spot, there are a bunch of things.”


If you look closely you can spot Sheldon’s childhood train set above the door, alongside his beloved comics to the right of his desk. Steve continued to reveal some hidden items that have meaning: “So it was the couch, the Rubik’s cube tissue holders next to the couch. The robot painting that was on the door in the living room; there’s a print of that above the couch.

“The DNA structure is in the corner, which you see pretty early on. Then on the shelves is the Adam Savage MythBusters bobblehead. There’s a plastic ‘green lantern’ that’s in the corner, but I don’t know how visible it is. And then the Gollum statue on his desk.”

Children’s names

These two are pretty obvious but Sheldon and Amy’s son is named after Leonard (who may or may not be dead) as well as a direct reference to Penny, who has influenced their daughter to become an actress after she babysat for them.

A faculty member at Caltech


The most secretive of all the Young Sheldon easter eggs has to be the true identity of the faculty member at Caltech. It turns out this role was played by David Saltzberg who served as the chief science consultant throughout Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon and made huge contributions to both shows.

Steve Holland added that he didn’t want his presence “to be distracting.” He continued: “We realized David Saltzberg, other than Chuck Lorre and Jim Parsons, has been with this character the longest because he worked on the first Big Bang Theory pilot, so it’s really just a nice way for us to honour David and all the contributions he’s made to both of these shows for the last 16 years.” How wholesome!

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