The ages of the Young Sheldon cast now, compared to their characters’ ages in the finale

One of them has a 29-year age gap??

Now Young Sheldon is sadly over, Iain Armitage has played him for a massive chunk of his life. Starting at age nine as a little kid, he is now fully a teenager, leaving the role at 15.

There’s only a year’s difference between Young Sheldon’s character and Iain, but what about the rest of the cast? Here are the ages of the Young Sheldon cast in the finale, compared to the actors who play them:

Sheldon – Iain Armitage

Young Sheldon cast ages

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Iain Armitage was only nine years ago when he first began his role as Young Sheldon, now 15 he’s played the role for a huge chunk of his life so far. But in the show, Sheldon is 14 in the final episodes.

Missy – Raegan Revord

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Being Sheldon’s twin, Missy is the same age in the show, 14 when season seven ended. But in real life Reagan Revord is two years older at 16.

Mary – Zoe Perry

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Sheldon’s mother Mary is 39 in season one of Young Sheldon and 44 by season seven. But Zoe Perry in real life is a little younger at 40.

George – Lance Barber

Young Sheldon cast ages

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Hands up if you’re still reeling from his death. George Cooper was 43 when he died in the show. But Lance Barber in real life is actually 50.

Pastor Jeff – Matt Hobby

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In real life Pastor Jeff’s actor Matt Hobby is 39. But in the show his character is literally 29 years older and is supposed to be 68. Wild.

Georgie – Montana Jordan

Young Sheldon cast ages

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At the very start of the show, Georgie was 14, but in the finale he was 18, having had his 18th birthday in March. But in real life Montana Jordan is actually 21.

Meemaw – Annie Potts

Young Sheldon cast ages

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Meemaw is one of the only characters with the same age as the actor who plays them. Both Meemaw and Annie Potts are 71 by the end of the show. 

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