Inside the wild transformations of the Young Sheldon cast, from the first episode to now

They’re all grown up!

Young Sheldon has officially come to an end and fans are mourning the show and the tight-knit cast that it created. Iain Armitage was just nine years old when he took on the role of Sheldon, and after seven seasons he’s now 15 and is most likely finished with the role he grew up in; and we don’t know what to do with ourselves without the Cooper family on our TV screens every week.

The cast have grown up with the show, and while we may not have noticed their changes season-to-season, it’s undeniable that they’ve all had major transformations from the Coopers that we knew in the Young Sheldon first episode to how they look now.

Here’s a look inside the wild transformations of all of the main Young Sheldon cast members from the first episode of season one to now.

Iain Armitage – Sheldon Cooper

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The one and only Sheldon Cooper has completely transformed from the awkward nine-year-old we knew in season one. He was Iain Armitage’s first major role and we’ve seen the actor grow up with his character, and now he’s had roles in Big Little Lies, The Glass Castle, Paw Patrol and more. We’ve seen how much Iain’s grown in confidence as an actor, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

Raegan Revord – Missy Cooper

Young Sheldon cast first episode transformations

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Sheldon’s comical twin sister was played by Raegan Revord, who started the show when she was nine-years-old just like her on-screen brother. Raegan has completely transformed in the role from an adorable young actress to a professional; she is currently writing her first book, runs an online book club for teens and has said she wants to try acting in genres outside of comedy.

Montana Jordan – Georgie Cooper Junior

Young Sheldon cast first episode transformations

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Georgie went from an argumentative 14-year-old to a girl dad in the final season when he had daughter, CeeCee, with girlfriend, Mandy. Surprisingly, the same thing happened to Georgie’s actor Montana, who’s just had a baby girl named Emma Rae Jordan with his girlfriend Jenna Weeks. Montana looks so at peace with his new family on the show and off, which is a vast difference to his character in season one – what a transformation!

Zoe Perry – Mary Cooper

Young Sheldon cast first episode transformations

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The on-screen mother to the Cooper family has barely aged since starting the role six years ago and still feels like the same Mary Cooper we know and love. Fans will definitely miss having Zoe on their TV screens every week.

Lance Armstrong – George Cooper Senior

Young Sheldon cast first episode transformations

via Netflix and @raeganrevord on Instagram

Fans were heartbroken to see George’s death and funeral in the final two episodes of Young Sheldon after growing to love the character who was completely different than his description in The Big Bang Theory. Thankfully, Lance looks happier than ever if his behind the scenes pics are any clue, and we’re so glad he’s ending the show in a good mood!

Annie Potts – Meemaw

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The beloved grandma of the Young Sheldon clan started and finished the show with unmatched energy, and fans are still obsessed with her hilarious but caring nature. It was devastating to see Meemaw lose some of her shine after George Cooper’s death, but we’re thrilled to see that Annie seems to be thriving after her work on Young Sheldon if that smile is any indicator.

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