The first Instagram posts of the cast of MAFS Australia 2024

A look back in time at the cringe-filled first Instagram posts of the MAFS Australia 2024 cast

Major throwback alert!

We’re getting to the point in MAFS Australia 2024 where it feels as though we’re all old friends with the cast, so a look at their old Instagram posts isn’t creepy at all. Right?

Well, even so, we’re going to do it. You’ll be pleased to know, despite knowing they’re going on a reality TV show with international reach, some of the cast members have left some absolute belters of pics live on their feeds. It’s as if they knew we’d want to put an hour aside for a quick deep dive.

So, look no further. Here’s a look back at the first Instagram posts from the cast of MAFS Australia 2024. Expect cringe captions, old selfies and lots of dogs.


Ok, we’re kicking off with a golden oldie here. Andrea is wholesome and has given us no red flags so far, apart from her strange choice of to-do list tattoo. Her first Instagram post is so on brand. “Yay…my first pair of shoes for me this holidays… Hoping for about five more pairs,” she said next to a photo of some heels. God she’s an icon.


I don’t know what I was expecting from Richard, but it wasn’t… this?!


Cassandra every day is coming across more and more like someone I’d just like to chill and have some bevs with. Her Instagram reflects this too, and her first post is her on a gorg holiday in 2016. Get it!


I won’t ever hear a bad word about Tristan, but clearly he doesn’t know what a brightness toggle is. What am I looking at?


Eden’s not really given us much to go with here. I was hoping for embarrassing throwbacks where she looks completely different, but no, I’m getting cool beach girl vibes. Thanks for nothing!


Jayden has loads of old pictures still up on his Instagram and honestly, it’s a journey through time. Try this one of him with short hair, out for food in Thailand. It’s the Nike vest and flex, for me.


Back in 2013, Ellie’s Instagram was just her dog. No, I mean JUST her dog. She literally posted nothing else.


Ngl, I don’t know what’s going on here either.


Of course we can rely on iconic Lauren for some incredible throwbacks. Her first Instagram picture is a snap of her as a child, captioned: “Pimpin since ’96.” I love her, I really do.


Jono. A pretty vanilla guy, with a pretty vanilla Insta. Cute dog and nice use of sepia filter, though.


Lucinda Light, the woman that you are. This Instagram post is everything. “Cabaret all the way! #TheLucindaLightShow,” is her caption.


Timothy has clearly used up all of his drama on the show, because his Insta is just giving… nothing. Give this man a better app to crop on!


Natalie, I want to cry with how much you warm my heart. An old-school selfie with an Instagram frame? You spoil me!


It looks as though Collins only joined Insta in 2020, and tbh, this explains a lot. His first post is him surrounded by friends, and the caption is: “The pals!!!! Happy Birthday my fave Mel! #Day1OfInsta.”


All of Sara’s old Insta pics show her as a brunette and I’m a bit shook! Why did these poses from behind showing that you had your boobs out over a nice view have all the Tumblr girlies in a chokehold? Sara was clearly hooked too.


So, it turns out Tim is a secret millionaire and his Instagram has him posing in front of a Rolls Royce? The more I learn about this man the more I wish he’d married me.


Tori clearly loved a deep and meaningful Insta post back in the day. Her pic is her looking out over a loch, with the cryptic caption: “The weekend that was….”.


Jack, you can try and use dogs to distract me from all your red flags and convince me you’re a good guy, but it’s not going to work.

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