Why MAFS Australia 2024 icon Lauren has been temporarily removed from the experiment

This week has been dry without her


Our fav girl Lauren has been temporarily removed from MAFS Australia 2024. We’ve missed her for an entire week, including a dinner party. The drama has been significantly diminished.

Whilst MAFS Australia 2024 filming was taking place, Lauren was removed for medical reasons, as she was forced to fly home to Perth to receive treatment.

“Lauren missed a whole week of filming, including a commitment ceremony and dinner party,” one production insider told So Dramatic!. The source said she had to have emergency surgery on her arm following a blood clot.

The dinner party was one that would have been perfect for Lauren to be in attendance for with more details of the cheating scandal being revealed. Of course, Lauren would have been the perfect person to air her thoughts and interrogate the person in question.

MAFS Australia 2024 Lauren removed from experiment

via Channel 9 / E4

The source added the “timing couldn’t be worse” for Lauren’s absence, as the rest of the cast “confront” someone over a cheating scandal, and Jack is also “ripped into”, which has fast become Lauren’s favourite hobby.

Speaking to 9Entertainment Lauren explained she had blood clots between her shoulder and clavicle bone that “wasn’t caused by anything” and “could’ve been there for 20 years”.

She said: “I woke up and the whole side of my body was numb and really purple. I said, ‘Something is not right’. I rang Jono – who was at the gym – and he told me to go to the doctor.” She was then told to go straight to the hospital, where she was informed she needed surgery.

“Jono was so good,” Lauren added: “He packed me an overnight bag with all my things, my head phones, all my skincare – he was so so good.” Of course, after this Lauren will return to the MAFS Australia 2024 experiment and carry on her journey.

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