The Bear season three

Omg, The Bear fans are convinced Will Poulter is returning as chef Luca for season three

And their theory is seriously convincing

As if it weren’t enough to watch the cast of The Bear absolutely kill every awards season they attend with both their wardrobe and the number of accolades they’re scooping up, The Bear season three rumours have started to bubble up online. And there’s one seriously convincing one involving Will Poulter as chef Luca. Scream.

If you’re a true fan, you’ll remember Marcus meets chef Luca when he’s training and researching in Copenhagen, Denmark in episode four of season two. But, as Luca lives and works in Denmark we kind of assumed this was a couple-episode cameo – rather than a reoccurring who’d return for season three.

However, it looks like we all could have been totally wrong because there is a seriously convincing theory emerging online that Will Poulter is actually returning as chef Luca for season three after all. God bless his floppy hair and forearms.

Will Poulter on 'The Bear' Role, Luca's Tattoos and Being 'Hot Chef'

Wait, so is Will Poulter actually going to be in The Bear season three as Chef Luca?

Essentially,  everyone started to believe Will Poulter was going to make a comeback for season three after he was spotted in a chef’s apron working in the kitchen at the French bistro Pasjoli in Santa Monica, California.

“Visiting California and went to Pasjoli last night for dinner,” wrote the hyper observant fan who spotted him on Reddit. “The chef was about to do a demonstration and noticed a familiar face in the kitchen. Realised Jeremy Allen White trained at Pasjoli for the show and now Will Poulter is in the kitchen!”

Obviously, this has sent X/Twitter into absolute pandemonium, with one person writing: “LIKE WE FUCKING WONNN,” in reaction to the theory about Will’s return. Meanwhile another added: “The only guest star I wanted back” and “they knew he was too fine to go”.

Fingers and toes crossed the Pasjoli theory is correct.

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