Wait, does this TikTok catch Paul Mescal in the act of running away from one night stands?

Training for my Paul Mescal marathon even harder rn

Do you remember when the whole internet went WILD a couple of months ago after rumours were going around everywhere that Paul Mescal allegedly has a habit of sleeping with girls, taking them for a walk and then sprinting off? WELL, a TikToker thinks she might have just caught him in the act.

A few months ago, everyone was going feral when our timelines were full of Paul Mescal in his short shorts and jokes about training for the Paul Mescal marathon.

This came after TikTok user, Erin Mary Smith started the rumour. She said: “This is from a lot of sources, he goes around North London begging women for threesomes,” she claimed. “And then when he does actually get with a girl, he’ll say to her the next day ‘hey, do you wanna go for a walk?’ and then in the middle of the chat he will just leg it and do a runner and leave her in the middle of the park,” her allegation continued.

But now, one TikToker seems to have caught what may or may not be Paul doing just that. Issey Cross a singer shared a video of her filming for a music video in London. She’s lay singing on a mattress in the middle of the street but just before the end of the video, we see a man run past looking suspiciously like Paul Mescal.

One person then commented: “Not being funny, is that Paul Mescal running at the end.” The creator then replied: “Go on clear mode and tell me that’s not him” and reposted the video with the caption “POV: You post a video and only just realise that you’ve captured Paul Mescal running away from you.”

The video shows a man dressed in a hoodie, cap, white shorts and trainers running on the streets of London whilst also checking behind him.

Paul Mescal running

Via TikTok

People are going absolutely feral in the comments. One person said: “He’s looking behind him to make sure the girl he slept with isn’t chasing him” and another person added: “Likely activity for him to be doing.” But could it actually be him? Let’s zoom in a little bit more, shall we?

So, the person in the video is wearing Paul’s signature short shorts, he’s known to wear a cap and also his hair currently looks very similar to the man in the picture. In fact, the outfit is almost identical to the millions of running photos that were all over social media a few months ago.

Obviously, it’s very entirely possible that this is just some random man, and even if it is Paul, he’s unfortunately never addressed the running away rumours but I’m hoping and praying it him because the rumours are possibly my favourite thing to ever come out of the internet.

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Featured image via TikTok and YouTube.