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Ok, this is why there are photos of Paul Mescal running all over your timeline right now

Prepare to have your head scrambled

It’s no secret Paul Mescal loves to jog. Since his rise to sexy fame during the lusty-heavy lockdown release of Normal People, paparazzi photos of the 27-year-old Irish boyfriend-material actor – short shots on, wired headphones trailing – have littered Twitter timelines to applause from thousands. The world is desperate to add him on Strava.

But another unexpected layer of intrigue was cast over Paul’s fun little jogging career just before Christmas when  “Paul Mescal running” and “Paul Mescal park” rapidly began to trend on Google as a certain running-related rumour began to spread on social media.

So, in case you’re wondering what the hell your TikTok and Twitter timeline are actually talking about right now, here’s why everybody online is suddenly training for what’s now been coined The Paul Mescal Marathon:

Right, why are there posts about Paul Mescal running in the park all over my timeline?

We know Paul Mescal looks good in shorts, that’s just a fact. But last week one TikTok user posted a video sharing a story she’d heard about an “Irish actor” who had been using their athleisure wear for more than just the aesthetic. Essentially, in a wily little ploy, after sleeping with women, he’d invite them out for a post-coital walk in the park and just when they were lulled into a hangxiety-free sense of security, leg it in the other direction.

Another TikTok user, Erin Mary Smith, went one step further and named the actor from the rumour as Paul Mescal: “This is from a lot of sources, he goes round North London begging women for threesomes,” she claimed. “And then when he does actually get with a girl, he’ll say to her the next day ‘hey, do you wanna go for a walk?’ and then in the middle of the chat he will just leg it and do a runner and leave her in the middle of the park,” her allegation continued.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from Paul Mescal,” Erin concluded. “But would I shag him? Absolutely, so, Paul – this isn’t a no. But it certainly most definitely isn’t a yes.”

So, has Paul Mescal actually said anything about the running away in the park rumours?

The Paul Mescal legging it into the bushes tale has basically become the internet’s favourite rumoured celeb shagging story since Timothee Chalamet allegedly gave half of New York University chlamydia a few years ago. Is the story true? We’re attempting to fact check claims as we speak. But one thing we know for certain, is it’s put absolutely nobody off snogging Paul— according to his fans, this simply makes him more attainable.

So far, Paul has remained an unbothered king and left the thousands of Tweets about his post night of passion shake-offs unaddressed. Instead he’s been downing shots of vodka and smoking cigs in a wood cabin with his family for Christmas, just as Jesus would have wanted. God bless his sister Nell for providing these vital updates.

The Tab has contacted Paul Mescal’s representatives for comment.

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