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‘Shame on you’: Viewers furious after Matthew Perry left off BAFTA’s memoriam honours list

The British Academy were forced to make a statement after the backlash

Viewers have called out BAFTA following the 77th EE British Academy Film Awards on Sunday for leaving Matthew Perry off of their annual memoriam list, which honours notable figures in the film industry who’ve passed away over the past year.

“Shame on you @BAFTA for not acknowledging Matthew Perry,” called out one fan on Twitter/X. “BAFTA forgetting the great Matthew Perry tonight was bad!” added another. “Tina Turner was mentioned as an actress but Matthew Perry was NOT,” said a third, while a fourth person chimed in: “No mention of Matthew Perry in the BAFTAs memorial?! Bad form.”

Another outraged fan added: “Only came to make sure I wasn’t the only person saddened at the glaring omission by @BAFTA of #MatthewPerry during the in memoriam tributes! #BAFTA2024 I’m pleased to see it’s not just me!”

The lengthy BAFTA memoriam list was presented live during the event while Hannah Waddingham performed Time After Time. Stars who were honoured included  Jane Birkin, Shirley Anne Field, Richard Roundtree, Michael Gambon, Tom Wilkinson and Carl Weathers— but no mention of Matthew Perry, who died at his home in Los Angeles in October.

Following the backlash from Perry fans online, BAFTA were forced to make a statement about the Friends star’s absence from the memoriam list, claiming it wasn’t an oversight but that he’d be honoured in the upcoming TV BAFTAs in May instead.

“We confirm he will be honoured in our forthcoming Bafta television awards in May, and on the in memoriam section on our website,” they said. However, critics were quick to point out Perry has featured in many films, including 17 Again and Fools Rush In, which BAFTA have stated on their website.

“His new found international fame brought film opportunities, including Fools Rush In (1997), The Whole Nine Yards (2000) and its sequel, The Whole Ten Yards (2004), and 17 Again (2009),” BAFTA’s online tribute acknowledges. “Across his career, he earned five Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe nod.”

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