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A rap song calling for the death of Dua Lipa has ‘topped the charts in Israel’

Bella Hadid is also mentioned

A rap song calling for the death of Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and Mia Khalifa has reportedly reached the top of the charts in Israel. The drill track by Ness and Stilla have said they recorded the song as a “war anthem”.

So far, the song –  Harbu Darbu – has had 18million views on YouTube since its release on 14 November 2023, according to The Times, with reports saying it has now hit the top of the Israeli charts.

“Harbu Darbu” means “raining hell on one’s opponent” in Hebrew slang and originally comes from the Hebrew words for “mayhem” and “war strike”, according to The Independent.


Credit: Youtube/Ness and Stilla

According to Ness and Stilla, the song is meant to boost morale in the country. In the video, they put their middle fingers up and call for the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) to come for Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and porn star Mia Khalifa.

“Wait till we drop it like rain on you whores,” they say, listing the women who’ve previously supported Palestine or called for a ceasefire.

Ness adds: “Get your ass ready because here comes the air force. You can feel the tremors all the way to Tel Aviv.”

The translation of the lyrics says:

“All the IDF units are coming to do Harbu Darbu on their heads.

“Another X on the rifle ’cause every dog will get what’s coming to him

“Wait till we drop it like rain on you whores. All who planned, supported, executed, murdered. You’re in trouble. You hear?

“Nasrallah. Mohammed Deif. Haniyeh. Abu Baklawa. Bella Hadid. Dua Lipa. Mia Khalifa.

“Every dog will get what’s coming to them.

“All the units in the IDF are in mode to thrust war and pain into your head.”

Ness and Stilla’s song topping the charts comes just ahead of Dua Lipa’s new single release: Training Season.

Ignoring the rise in popularity in the track, which directly references an attack on her, Dua Lipa posted to Instagram: “TRAINING SEASON IS OVER!!!!!! UGH OUT NOW EVERYWHERE!!!! FINALLY!!!! THANK YOU TO THE DREAM TEAM”

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