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Meet Mitch Evans: The vibey Formula E driver who parties in Ibiza and Saint-Tropez

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If you’re not entering your formula E era, what are you doing? Some of the best racing in the world, just make it electric. After Jake Dennis’ insane season last year, he clutched the final podium of the year and held that world champion’s trophy high. But we’re not here to talk about him, we’re here to talk about the man two steps down from him, claiming third place in the championship was Mitch Evans.

As one of the better known drivers, as well as being the fastest man in Formula E history, everyone wants to know he’s getting up to in his off season outside of his racing. Here’s everything you need to know about the racing star, from sunbathing to partying to race wins, Mitch Evans is living every racing fan’s dream.

He started off racing go karts

Much like every driver across the sport, Evans started racing with go karts, he went on to expand into open wheel racing cars, and has since made his way into formula one. In GP3 he claimed the title in one of who two years there and progressed to GP2 where he became the youngest driver to stand on the podium in only his second race of his rookie season. In 2016 he started racing in Formula E where he won his first race in 2019 at the Rome EPrix.

He’s a New Zealand National and drives for Jaguar

Both Evans and his teammate, Nick Cassidy, are New Zealanders and race for the British team of Jaguar. Evans has been with the team since he started racing for Formula E in 2016 and he has bought them a total of 10 wins in the eight years that he has raced there, with one of those being a home win for the team.

He is currently just about hanging in the top five tucked in behind the current reigning champion, Jake Dennis. His fellow Jaguar team mate, and kiwi companion, is currently leading the championship and Evan’s main competition for the rest of the season despite also being great friends and team mates.

He spends his off season in the sun

So when he’s not speeding his way through the circuits of Formula E and lifting first place trophies in four different cities, he likes to have a lounge around in Saint-Tropez. Most drivers go skiing or do some type of extreme sport, but evidently Evans likes to be a bit more laid back and use his time off for what it’s meant for… relaxing in the sun and working on his tan.

No one is going to sit there and pretend that these posts aren’t drool worthy, and the jealously of not being on that boat in the sun is creeping in, but Mitch Evans isn’t just limited to sun bathing. His lads holidays have ventured where a lads holidays tend to go, Ibiza.

He moved to Monaco

Beers and boat trips seem to be the way to go for Evans, but he’s also partial to staying at home in Monaco and taking a dive in the water. Like all other drivers he’s still in pretty intense training even in the off season (give the guy a break), but as he is set up in Monaco, he gets to go for runs along the Cap D’ail costal path, but still manages to balance it out with some nice wining and dining. Apparently he’s impartial to a cocktail night which I’m sure many of us can relate to, celebrities are just like us, who knew?

After being partial to a champagne spray in the 2022/23 season, Evans has so much potential and is still going up in the standings. Last season he went from 66 points behind the leader to finishing in third place. Hopefully we’ll see some great racing from him because he’s just itching to claim that world title for himself and it’s obvious he can get himself on the podium just hopefully on the top step more often.

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