Erica from MAFS UK reveals the real ‘p*sstake’ reason why Luke decided to quit the fight

It’s different from what Luke is claiming

It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the planned fight between Luke and Jordan from MAFS UK had been cancelled by the organiser, DKM Plush Boxing, but Erica has now revealed the real reason why.

In its original statement, DKM Plush Boxing claimed it was cancelled due to the level of Luke’s fitness however Luke then claimed it was “money related” and claimed the company “wanted to renegotiate the terms after a contract was already signed.”

However, in an interview with Heat, Erica who met Jordan on MAFS UK has now revealed the real reason why the fight against Luke was cancelled. She explained: “Luke had a problem with the promotion company that were putting on the fight. He had a bit of a bust-up with them.

“Basically [he] wasn’t sticking to his contract, he hadn’t been in a boxing gym, the production team were a bit like ‘You’re taking the piss here, you have to stick to a contract and you haven’t, so we’re not going to pay you as much.’

“He was like, ‘Well I’m not taking less money and he pulled out.’ It’s a shame because it could have been good for the both of them.”

Erica was also asked about her thoughts on Luke’s new Controversial Podcast, and she had some hilarious thoughts. She said: “Urgh, yeah. The fact that he’s called it ‘Controversial’ it says it all. You can see what he’s trying to get at, he likes the bad press, he doesn’t care what he says, he enjoys it.”

And it sounds like Luke is trying to make his podcast as controversial as possible saying: “If I don’t get cancelled within the first month I’m not doing it right, that’s how bad it’s gonna be.”

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