Luke Jordan MAFS fight

A rundown of all the drama that’s lead to MAFS Luke and Jordan’s fight getting cancelled

Pure carnage from start to finish

One of the messiest sagas to come out of Married at First Sight UK last year was the announcement that Luke and Jordan, two of the MAFS grooms, would be continuing their random beef from the show off screen in the form of a fight – that you could buy tickets to go and watch. O-kay! Not sure who that demographic was for, but still. Last week, I noticed that things had gone a bit quiet from the two of them when it came to promoting the fight – Luke had deleted all promo posters and pictures from his Instagram feed. Even though Jordan hadn’t, something felt off. Sure enough on Friday, Luke and Jordan announced the MAFS fight was cancelled. But what actually went down?

The original statement from the company claimed it was down to Luke’s fitness

In a lengthy statement, DKM Plush Boxing claims that the reason they’ve cancelled the Luke and Jordan MAFS fight is down to Luke not being able to train to their expectations of him but they’re going to find another opponent for Jordan.

Luke explained the reason it all got canceled on his ‘Controversial Pod’ private Instagram

Yes, I cringed having to write out and give airtime to “Controversial Pod” (Luke said ‘If I don’t get cancelled within the first month I’m not doing it right, that’s how bad it’s gonna be’ – god give me strength), but that’s where the explanation has come from so we’re going to have to just get on with it.

Speaking in a lengthy caption about why the MAFS fight with Jordan has been scrapped, Luke says “Unfortunately the fight is off. It’s highly frustrating for both myself and Jordan as we both have been working hard. I have dropped from 205 lbs to 183 lbs so far to make the 180 lbs weight.

“Myself and Jordan would have both been fit and ready on the 9th Feb. We both wanted this fight to go ahead on the original terms agreed and signed. Ultimately I believe the real reason behind the cancellation. is money related as they wanted to renegotiate the terms after a contract was already signed. If the reason was really that they thought I wouldn’t be ready the wouldn’t have a fighter on the undercard that openly admits he can’t run 5k.

“Unbelievably me and Jordan have spoke on the phone and share similar frustrations. We have been approached by other organisations who would love to host the event but the current date will not happen.”

Erica confirmed on her story that Jordan will still hopefully be fighting someone on 9th Feb and that the fight between Luke and him will go ahead on some future date.

As usual, it’s all a massive mess

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