Noah Schnapp backlash

Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things speaks out against backlash over ‘Zionism is sexy’ stickers

‘My thoughts and beliefs have been so far misconstrued from anything even close to what I believe’

Noah Schnapp has finally spoken out about the severe backlash he faced from fans after he laughed over offensive stickers amid the ongoing situation in Gaza. Noah shared a video of him laughing over stickers that said “Zionism is sexy,” and “Hamas is ISIS” on them.

His reaction to the stickers upset a lot of people, with fans commenting under the tweet “Noah Schnapp might be top 10 most disgusting people in the world right now,” whilst another agreed saying, “F**k Noah Schnapp what a disgusting human being.”

And now, over two months after the initial event, Noah Schnapp has released a TikTok addressing the backlash. He said that he only wants “peace and safety for the innocent people,” and that his “thoughts and beliefs have been so far misconstrued from anything even close to what I believe.”

He said: “I’ve had many open conversations with friends with a Palestinian background and I think they are very important conversations to have and I’ve learned a lot.

“One of the takeaways I’ve had is that we all hope for the same things – that being those innocent people being held hostage in Gaza to be returned to their families and equally hope for the end to the war and the loss of innocent life in Palestine – so many of those people being women and children.”

Noah added: “And I think anyone with any ounce of humanity would hope for an end to the hostilities on both sides. I stand against any killing of any innocent people.”

In response to the backlash Noah Schnapp has faced, he said: “I hope for 2024 that I will see people be a little more understanding and compassionate and recognise that we are all human, we should stand together for humanity and for peace.”

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