stanley cups cancelled

Stanley’s are cancelled, these are all the water bottles the girlies are using instead

Owala bottles are in for 2024

Stanley cups are driving everyone literally insane at the minute. Maybe not quite as insane as that one guy in America who literally jumped over a Starbuck’s counter and tried to steal one, but they’ve got the whole country in a chokehold for no apparent reason. I get that they’re practical and durable – none of us could forget that TikTok of a car fire where nothing survived the blaze except for a Stanley flask. But aside from the fact that they’ve been grossly overdone now, they also spill. And to all the people on TikTok suggesting the Stanley Spill Stopper will fix that, how about you just get a bottle that doesn’t leak.

Whether it’s because they’re the latest obsession of the Sephora 10-year-olds, or the fact that they can apparently give you wrinkles, Stanley cups are without a doubt out for 2024. But what else can I drink my beverages from, I hear you ask? These are what bottles the girlies are using now Stanley cups have been cancelled.

Owala Tumbler


My new favorite water tumbler! No affiliation just sharing! @BruMate @Owala cups are far better than stanley and yeti idc idc idc bye #cuptok #watercup #owalawaterbottle #brumateera #tumblraesthetic

♬ original sound – Lehandra Staude

Owala make tumblers which are super similar to Stanley cups, but they don’t leak when laid on their side. That’s an immediate upgrade in my eyes, as a messy girl who likes to sip on her water in bed. Owala tumblers even have the skinny bottom so that it fits into your cup holders and comes in a range of colour ways. I’m an immediate fan.

BruMate Era Tumbler

Again, TikTok has gone mad for BruMate, another company offering the same aesthetics of a Stanley tumbler, but without the overhyped reputation. BruMate bottles have a twist cap feature so that they don’t leak at all, not even when turned upside down. Now I don’t know when I expect to be doing cartwheels with my BruMate water bottle in hand, but it’s an added bonus nonetheless.

Frank Green

These bottles trended in Australia not long ago and TikTok is doing its thing by taking the trend worldwide. These bottles have a cool vibe, don’t leak and have metal straws. The sustainable girlies love this one.

Owala FreeSip


I consider myself a ✨water bottle connoisseur ✨ and let me tell you this water bottle is THAT GIRL!! *Not sponsored Im just obsessed!* #owala #owalawaterbottle #owalafreesip #owalavsstanley #stainlesssteelwaterbottle #waterbottle #stayhydrated #fyp #CapCut @Owala

♬ original sound – AlishaLarochelle

Owala are COMING for Stanley. Apparently, this bottle has one top which allows you to both drink from a straw and pour into your mouth. The innovation here is wild – I love a chug option. Their water bottles also have a cap to stop spillages and a hook to carry it with. As @alarochelleugc said in her TikTok video: “Stanley could never”.

Anti-colic baby bottles

Apparently Madeline Argy has ditched the water bottle completely and is instead using a baby’s sippy cup to consume her beverages. Arguing that the teet is fun to nibble on and is easy to drink from when laying back, she even said the bottle is “so much more convenient so much more soothing” than a Stanley cup. I’m kind of glad Stanley cups are cancelled or we never would have seen this. Have it, Stanley.

Hydro Flask

An OG! I feel old to have witnessed the resurgence of the Hydro Flask era. Apparently they have a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and the TikTok girlies are coordinating them to their outfits. They also sell the typical cup shape for all you girlies not quite ready to give up on your Stanleys without a fight. And they don’t spill, which is literally just an essential feature of a water bottle, surely.

Klean Kanteen

This brand is another favourite among the girlies for its handle, which makes it super easy to travel with. Not only does it sport a metal straw, but the mouthpiece is also completely coverable. Did you hear that, germaphobe girlies? Completely coverable! Literal chills.


So apparently this bottle tracks how much water you drink via an app. It comes with a charger so you get reminders on your phone to drink water. This is TikTok core through and through the water bottle accessory girlies love this one – I’m not too sure that the hungover girlies relying on their bottles for survival will be all that fussed. It’s arguably making things a bit too complicated.

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