Stanley Cup wrinkles

Erm, people on TikTok are trying to cancel Stanley cups for apparently giving you wrinkles

Why can’t we have anything nice?

I am extremely jealous of anyone doing any sort of social media detox this January because you’re missing one of the weirdest crazes to ever grace the internet and that’s the Stanley cup hype. We’ve got literal 12-year-olds spending thousands of pounds on Stanley cups and laminating the labels of the new limited edition ones.

But people are now trying to cancel Stanley cups and not just because people like to be different and hate anything that is popular, but because apparently they’re giving you wrinkles?

TikToker Natalie O’Neill who makes content around skincare and has over 408k followers posted a video of skincare and lifestyle trends to leave in 2023 and one of them includes a Stanley cup.


I’ve seen enough and I’ve got MORE to say. These are 4 more of the worst skincare trends from 2023 that I’m hoping we ditch in 2024. Part 1 was here @Natalie O’Neill also LISTEN about the stanley cup: ok i know you’re mad but you don’t HAVE to listen to me.. i’m just sharint the facts so you can make your own choice. #2024insandouts #insandouts #worstskincarehabits #badskincarehabits #acnecausinghabits

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She said that cups with a straw like the Stanley can cause wrinkles: “Now there’s nothing wrong with using a Stanley cup but if you’re very much into skincare and anti ageing you might wanna be reminded of one of the oldest tricks in the book which is that a repeated use of a straw and your mouth going in this motion is probably going to impact your skin and the lines on your face much like raising your eyebrows constantly without botox is probably going to give you lines on your forehead as you age.”

Some of the comments on the video include: “Y’all ageing is ok I promise you. Live your life” and “I lose five years off my lifespan every time and influencer fear mongers about straws.”

Another creator, @emmasditto, duetted the video with her disagreement. She said: “When are we going to stop perpetuating this idea that ageing is bad. Skincare is great, I love skincare, but the actual physical appearance of the skin and ageing is natural, it’s gonna happen, we don’t need to be afraid of it and avoid doing things that they love like drinking from a flipping straw.


#stitch with @Natalie O’Neill AGING IS A PRIVILEGE. MATCHA > COFFEE. THE STANLEY CUP LITERALLY SURVIVED A CAR ON FIRE LIKE ??? there are worse skincare trends, there are worse things. period

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She added: “It’s just fear-mongering, scare-mongering, we as women have done this for centuries. It’s got to stop.”

“Like you do you but don’t be so condescending and patronising about things people enjoy and love because you’re afraid of something inevitable and not even terrible.”

Another person posted a TikTok with the caption: “Me watching everyone get wrinkles on their upper lip by drinking a Stanley cup straw.”


#CapCut If you want great skin, start good skincare habits by age 30 to 35 years old. By the time you are 50 years old you may have lip lines or wrinkles from drinking out of a straw. #greatskin #antiaging #beautifulskin #wrinkles #beautifulskin #skincareroutine #stanleycup

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So, do Stanley cups actually give you wrinkles?

Well, I’ve kind of got some bad news for you on this one. According to dermatologist and plastic surgeon Dr Matthew Nykiel, the answer is yes. Now obviously, this isn’t just limited to the Stanley brand but any cup where you drink from a straw.

Dr Nykiel said: “The Stanley cup is a cup that’s got a straw in it and so you drink it through the straw. Now any cup that has a straw or any repetitive movement in the face can increase your risk of wrinkles. One great example of that is smoker’s wrinkles, or perioral wrinkles around the mouth. Now smoking itself increases the chances of having wrinkles and actually bad skin so we don’t do it for that reason. But also the repetitive action of using this muscle around your mouth which contacts creates verticle lines over time, causing wrinkles.

So if you only drink out of a straw, is it likely that it can increase wrinkles or perioral wrinkles around your mouth, the answer is yes it can. It’s not exclusive to the Stanley cup, but any cup that has a straw. ”

Stanley has been contacted for comment. 

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