rosamund pike veil Golden Globes 2024

Right, this is why Rosamund Pike was actually wearing a veil at the 2024 Golden Globes

It wasn’t just a fashion choice

After four long months of SAG-AFTRA strikes, the entertainment industry is so back. And nothing screams red carpet history more than the Golden Globes. Taylor Swift, Margot Robbie, Barry Keoghan and Ayo Edebiri all served absolute looks— and Rosamund Pike caught everyone’s attention in a seemingly funeral-inspired back veil.

And, no, she wasn’t mourning her fictional Saltburn family. But it turns out Rosamund Pike’s Dior dress and accompanying lace headwear had much more of a story behind it than a widow-esque aesthetic.

During red carpet interviews, Rosamund told reporters she’d actually suffered an injury during the festive season ahead of the awards. “It’s a protective veil,” she explained to Variety’s Marc Malkin. “I had an accident over Christmas, actually. I had a skiing accident.”

Rosamund said that on Boxing Day her face was “entirely smashed up”, which she suggested is “not what you want when you’re coming to the Golden Globes…I thought, I need to do something,” she added.

And although Rosamund’s face is now entirely healed, she said she’d simply fallen “in love with the look” so decided to keep the dramatic veil on for the red carpet anyway. Big Elspeth Catton energy.

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