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From red carpets to ice skating: Inside Gypsy Rose’s New York trip with husband Ryan

Welcome to New York (Gypsy’s Version)

It’s been over a week now since Gypsy Rose was released from prison where she served eight years for the murder of her mother in 2016.

In court, it was found that Gypsy’s mother had Munchausen syndrome by proxy, a psychological disorder where a carer makes up fake symptoms or causes real symptoms to make the person they are caring for appear ill.

But since Gypsy Rose has been released, the world has become obsessed with her life and what she’s been up to. A psychologist told The Tab that the world’s fascination with Gypsy Rose Blanchard comes from a “desire to understand the human psyche in extreme circumstances.”

This past weekend, Gypsy Rose has been on a trip to New York with her husband Ryan to attend the red carpet premiere of her new documentary, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. But while she was there, she managed to fit a week’s worth of activities into one weekend.

So here’s a look inside Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s trip to New York with her husband Ryan:

Times Square

One of Gypsy Rose’s first stops in New York was a visit to Times Square where she did some shopping and bought an I” love New York” t-shirt which was apparently on her bucket list.

In a video posted to Instagram with the caption “total tourist” she said: “Hey everybody, so we are in Times Square look at this. Isn’t this epic? Oh my god, I am so enjoying my time right now. We’re just walking Times Square and doing a little shopping. I bought an I love New York t-shirt which was on my bucket list so that was pretty awesome. Ok, stay tuned for more, bye.”

Central Park

As well as visiting Times Square Gypsy Rose also went to the iconic Central Park. She posted an Insta pic posed on a fountain with the caption: “At the beautiful Central Park in NYC”.

She was also pictured being twirled around by her husband Ryan in the park and it’s kinda adorable. One person did say that she was giving Katniss from the Hunger Games at the Victor’s Village though and I’m kind of crying.

Ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre


We ran into Gypsy Rose Blanchard in NYC and she was so sweet and took pictures with everyone that asked. I love that she is getting to have these experiences and finally live her life! #gypsyroseblanchard #gypsyrose #gypsyrosefree #gypsyroseoutofjail #newyorkcity #therinkrockeffelercenter #rockefellercenter #rockefellercenternyc #iceskatingnyc

♬ Welcome To New York (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

One person posted a TikTok saying they ran into Gypsy Rose and Ryan Anderson whilst they were ice skating at the Rockefeller Ice Rink. They said she was “so sweet” and “took pictures with everyone who asked”.

Watching a show on Broadway

Whilst in New york, Gypsy also saw her first ever Broadway show. In a video on Instagram, she said: “Hey! So, we bought tickets to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway and we are 10 minutes away so we’ll tell you how it is. It’s gonna be amazing, I read the book, love the series and it’s gonna be an amazing show.”

Her husband Ryan then adds: “We got great seats too, right on the balcony” before they pan the camera around to show the view from their seats.”

Red carpet debut

She might have fitted a lot of sightseeing into her New York trip, but the main reason for Gypsy Rose’s visit was to promo her new documentary The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and attend the premiere of the show. Gypsy Rose posed with her husband Ryan in a black dress on the red carpet at the premiere.

A New York photo dump

After she got back from the trip she posted a TikTok slideshow of photos and videos from her New York trip and, as a massive Swiftie, it was obviously soundtracked to Taylor Swift’s Welcome to New York. With the caption: “First time in New York City. Thank you all for embracing me”, the video now has over seven million views.


First time in New York City. Thank you all for embracing me. 💗 @LifetimeTV

♬ Welcome To New York (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

It shows her and Ryan posing in different locations, lots of shots of the city, including outside Radio City Music Hall and posing on the red carpet and she promoted her new documentary, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.

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