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‘She’s all about girl power’: Everything Gypsy Rose has said about loving Taylor Swift

Her favourite song is Karma!

When Gypsy Rose Rose Blanchard was in prison, she revealed that she spent all her commissary money buying every single one of Taylor Swift’s albums and honestly, iconic move. Then she revealed that one of the first things she wanted to do after leaving prison was go to a Kansas City Chiefs game to try and meet Taylor.

This unfortunately didn’t happen and we didn’t get the most iconic crossover of the century. But since leaving prison she’s spent time with her husband, been to New York, got her nails and lashes done and genuinely just been living her best life. But in all of her interviews post-prison, she’s managed to squeeze in something about Taylor Swift.

So this is everything our new favourite Swiftie, Gypsy Rose Blanchard, has said about Taylor Swift:

Spending all her commissary money on Taylor

Whilst in prison, Gypsy Rose revealed that she used most of the commissary money she got from her dad to buy every single Taylor Swift album, including all of her re-releases. As she should!

Trying to meet her

One of the first things that Gypsy Rose Blanchard wanted to do after leaving prison was try and meet Taylor Swift. She said she was “determined” to try and meet her idol and so bought tickets to a Kansas City Chiefs game where Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce plays and where she often watched to try and meet her.

But Gypsy’s plans were not successful after TMZ reported that Gypsy Rose was forced to leave Missouri, where the game was being held, by her parole officer. She has since said that she would love to try and go to the Eras Tour someday.

Karma is Gyspy Rose’s favourite song


Gypsy Rose Blanchard is in her Eras era. 💙 Now that Gypsy is free, she hopes to finally see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in person. #gypsyrose #taylorswift

♬ original sound – ⭐️sped up audios⭐️

When asked about her favourite Taylor Swift era and song, Gypsy Rose said: “I am loving her Midnights era right now, I’m loving it. Karma has been like number one on my playlist.”

In another interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said: “Karma has been what I have been playing on my playlist a lot. So I have been jamming out to that.”

‘I think she is an inspiration to women’

One of the main reasons Gypsy Rose Blanchard is such a  massive Swiftie is because of “girl power”.

She said: “I think that she is an inspiration to women. She’s all about girl power which is great. So I like her music and I think she’s a great artist.”

“I think she’s all about girl empowerment and that’s why I respond to her so well, is because I’m getting into that girl empowerment vibe type of lifestyle right now,” Blanchard says. “So I just, I get it.”

“I get her music and I think that she is an artist who gets women,” she adds.

Eyes Open ‘really resonated’ with her in prison

In another interview, Gypsy Rose said that Eyes Open, Taylor’s song written for The Hunger Games soundtrack, “really resonated” with her and got her through her time in prison.

“I am a Swiftie and I think that Taylor Swift’s music has been a little bit of a guiding light for me to express my feelings through music and really kind of connect with music in that way.

“Eyes Open came out in like 2012 and that one really resonated with me. To me, the message is to keep your eyes open because you never know who is out to get you, or to sabotage you. It rang true for me in prison because it’s not exactly a friendly environment.”

Gypsy Rose’s go-to Karaoke song would be You Belong With Me’

In a “Newly Together” game for Lifetime with her husband Ryan, Gypsy Rose said her go-to Karaoke song would be You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift. Need to see You Belong With Me (Gypsy Rose’s version) ASAP!

She started liking Taylor Swift when she was 17

Gypsy Rose said she started being a Swiftie when she was around 17. “I became a fan of Taylor Swift when I was probably about 17 and she was just starting out in country music and I loved her music then. I felt like she was just a total rock star.”

Her New York trip soundtracked to Taylor Swift


First time in New York City. Thank you all for embracing me. 💗 @LifetimeTV

♬ Welcome To New York (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

This weekend, Gypsy Rose and her husband Ryan took a trip to New York for promo for her new documentary, The Prison Confessions of Gypsy Rose Blanchard. In her New York photo dump on TikTok, she used the song Welcome T0 New York (Taylor’s Version).

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