Peggy Georges relationship MAFS

Peggy and Georges doubted if their relationship was going to work after they left MAFS UK

They got into an argument about Peggy spelling Georges name wrong

Peggy and Georges from MAFS UK have started a joint YouTube account together and posted their first video answering questions about their relationship.

The duo discussed some of the communication struggles they faced at the beginning of the relationship, having left the MAFS bubble behind. They explained how their differing communication styles led to some disagreements, including one where Georges called out Peggy for spelling his name incorrectly when she was drunk.

The pair also covered some of the doubts they faced over their relationship when they came out of the experiment, and that there were moments when “alarm bells were ringing” and they didn’t know if it “would work on the outside.”

The two explained about when Peggy went to Vegas for a late hen-do, whilst Georges stayed behind in the UK. Georges said how he spoke to Peggy “a fair bit whilst you were away and you were quite clear at the start like ‘Don’t worry about me, I’m fine we don’t need to talk.’ 

“And I was like ‘No I want to talk to you because I like you, I don’t want to not talk to you for a week.’ And then I landed, you flew and obviously it was quite new in our relationship and we were still figuring out how we would communicate. We communicate now on the phone. Peggy wasn’t a texter, she was a caller. And I’ve always been a texter or would leave a voicenote.”

Peggy and Georges continued, saying how the different communication styles and distance apart affected their relationship. Georges continued: “And I was texting her, whereas that’s not how you dealt with things. 

“Obviously, there was a big time difference, Peggy wasn’t sleeping because you were at pool parties and gambling. I [Georges] was back and I wasn’t working because we’d just finished filming and I just remember feeling very lost. And I was like ‘What’s really going on?’ So I was getting quite frustrated and then that’s when we had disagreements.

“I actually corrected Peggy when she spelt my name wrong. She was drunk, so that’s her justification. Your phone autocorrected.” Peggy then joked that “when a woman’s got a hump with a man the worst thing you can do is wind her up by correcting her spelling. And I was like ‘Oh no you didn’t!’”

Georges then continued saying: “I think that was probably one of the toughest times for us in our relationship where I was like ‘Hmm is this definitely actually going to work on the outside?’” Peggy confirmed that they “both felt like that.”

Georges explained that when Peggy came back from Vegas it had been about “two and a half weeks” since they’d last seen each other, and there were “alarm bells going off in our heads, question marks, and we were like ‘Is this going to work?’ We’re both very different in so many ways but we do work when we’re together.”

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