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Omg, that crazy hammer-wielding ‘Karen’ actually made it into Rockstar’s GTA 6 trailer

Life imitates art

If there’s one thing Rockstar is going to do, it’s put a lot of pop-culture and meme references in its video games. The trailer for Rockstar’s GTA 6 has a lot of pretty wacky-looking characters in it, including a crazy-looking “Karen” who is holding a hammer in both her hands. But this character is actually based on the real-life crazy “Karen” who went viral a few years ago for destroying her neighbour’s car.

In the original viral video, the “Karen” launches into a racist attack and is seen in sandals and a baggy romper outfit, whilst firmly holding the two hammers in her hands. At the start, she is seen violently hitting the neighbour’s car with her hammers.

In the GTA 6 trailer, the woman is seen in a similarly oversized outfit, holding a hammer in each hand while being filmed.

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The video went viral in 2020, and it’s pretty clear to see where Rockstar got the influence for its character. Rockstar’s GTA 6 trailer makes fun of a lot of modern culture, as well as parodying the stereotypical type of person that we might expect to see in Florida.

This includes a man wrestling with an alligator, and the Florida “Joker,” who is recognisable from his distinct face tattoos.

Rockstar is known for its amazing NPCs and side missions, with the “Gavin” NPC from Red Dead Redemption 2 becoming one of the most-loved and mysterious NPCs from a Rockstar game, I can’t wait to see what kind of weird and wacky characters it comes up with for GTA 6.

2025 genuinely cannot come soon enough, I need one of those cryogenically frozen sleeping pods!

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