GTA 6 memes

We’re all freaking out over the GTA 6 trailer and these 17 memes sum up my mood perfectly

I am going to be counting down the days

Rockstar unexpectedly released the first trailer for the highly-anticipated GTA 6 last night, and of course, everybody has been freaking out and coming up with lots of hilarious memes about it. I haven’t felt this excited about a game in a long time, and GTA 6 looks so good I think it might have ruined playing GTA 5 for me. What a hard life we gamers lead.

The memes range from people feeling physically unable to wait until the game releases in 2025 to play it, wondering how on earth their PS4 is possibly going to be able to run it, and of course everything about the leaker.

So, to help pass the time until the game eventually releases, here are 17 memes that sum up perfectly how everyone is feeling about the GTA 6 trailer right now.

1. I will be staying inside my room until further notice

2. The fear must be real

3. It’s been ruined for me now

4. You only have one option really

5. How is Florida a real place?

6.  I’m sure nothing bad at all will happen to him

7. Same tbh

8. Everyone is seated and I’m here for it

9. They’ve really outdone themselves

10. And that’s on feminism

11. It was a kick in the gut

12. It’s going to burn down my flat

13. It’s actually a very unknown indie game

14. It’s genuinely so stunning

15. I’m so excited

16. He speaks for everyone

17. The glow up is real

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