Adrienne Naylor at the MAFS UK 2023 reunion

‘It was horrendous’: Adrienne says MAFS reunion was ‘awful’ and she needs a ‘fresh start’ now

After the show she went ‘straight to the psych team’ and ‘broke down’

Adrienne has spoken out about the MAFS UK 2023 reunion, which she has said was so bad she needed help from the show’s psych team straight after, and now wants a fresh start to leave it all behind her.

The MAFS UK reunion was tough for Adrienne Naylor, as it was revealed she and Matt had broken up since their final vows, and it had also been made clear Matt had since moved on with fellow bride, Shona.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, Adrienne said filming the ordeal caused her to “break down” and was “horrendous” for her. She said she went straight to the help team from the series when filming ended as her “anxiety was through the roof”.

She said: “The reunion was horrendous, I can’t even put it into words. I broke down in tears when I walked in, and that wasn’t because I was happy to see everybody, it was because I was so overwhelmed. My anxiety was through the roof, as soon as that was finished, I went straight to the psych.”

Adrienne added she had also had some bad news from home, just before the reunion, which made her feel even worse on the day.”I was also trying to adapt back to normality after leaving MAFS and then going back into that MAFS world, it’s hard,” she said. “MAFS life is so far away from normal life too.”

Talking about her split from Matt, Adrienne said: “Me and Matt ended on really mutual terms and were really good when we split, so that’s why I was so confused at the reunion. I was so shocked at his mannerisms towards me, because I was like, ‘hang on, you also agreed that it wasn’t working’. So, maybe because he was hurting, I don’t know, maybe that was his way of offloading and his closure.”

She said she has now moved home, and is having a “fresh start” following the experiment. She said moving has been “scary but exciting” and she’s glad she “took the plunge”. She also confirmed she’s ready to start dating again!

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