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Why Squid Game: The Challenge players had their hands in their pockets in Red Light, Green Light

They were playing Red Light, Green Light in ‘freezing temperatures’

It’s safe to say we’re all pretty obsessed with Squid Game: The Challenge at the moment, but you might have spotted contestants playing Red Light, Green Light with their hands stuck in their pockets. But why exactly were some players keeping their hands in their pockets during Red Light, Green Light, and did it give them an advantage over others? Let’s find out!

Since Squid Game: The Challenge was released on Netflix, players have started answering questions on some of the challenges they’ve had to do.

One of the most iconic ones is inspired by the original Squid Game. Red Light, Green Light made contestants play an elaborate game where they have to move for five seconds whilst a giant doll turns away, before freezing when it does turn around. If players are still moving when the doll turns around they are eliminated from the game.

Some players were seen with their hands buried in their pockets throughout the Red Light, Green Light, including one contestant who came second, so clearly his tactic worked!

Player 161 described how “it was cold, and we had hand warmers in our pockets,” but also because they were standing still for so long that it “felt more comfortable to have something to hold onto.”

Player 215 also said in a video how Red Light, Green Light took him “six hours” to complete, and that whilst on the show they would “run for five seconds and then freeze,” but in reality they had to stand frozen for around “30 to 40 minutes.”

God, I bet their glutes were on fire afterwards.

Netflix has said that it knew it needed to keep players “safe and warm” during Red Light, Green Light. It said “Safety was of chief concern. There were external factors at play. Temperatures in the UK during filming were very cold, so making sure players were warm enough throughout the day was important.

“Hand warmers were distributed to players, and tented areas were outfitted with heaters for breaks between filming.”

I think I would have got a cramp after the first five minutes!

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