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From besties to boyfriends: The Big Brother Jordan and Henry ‘Jenry’ timeline in full

It’s been a journey

Over the weekend, Big Brother winner Jordan Sangha and third place finalist Henry Southan confirmed they were now officially boyfriends. ‘Jenry’ stans, the couple name they’ve now got, everywhere were rejoicing. The two have quite a manic and devoted fanbase, as well as their detractors. It’s been a chaotic journey to the end result of boyfriends, from being house besties, to unrequited feelings, to “Tory soup” and then on to what they’ve been up to out of the house – here’s a full timeline of the Jordan and Henry Big Brother relationship.

Jordan and Henry INSTANTLY connect on launch night

The two walk into the house on the first night and instantly gravitate towards each other thanks to their mutual love for velvet blazers. They become instantly house besties, and often retreated up to the mezzanine and hung out together before the group including Trish, Yinrun, Matty and Noky ended up being formed.

Henry takes Jordan for a meal as a prize for winning a task

The two went for lobster in the task room. Henry clearly by now was showing romantic feelings for Jordan, but Jordan was telling housemates he just thought of Henry as a friend.

Jordan was also jokingly referring to he and Henry as husbands. Not sure how much Henry thought it was a joke, though.

The triangle begins

As everyone in the house gets closer, Jordan and Matty in particular get close with Jordan flirting with Matty whenever the two got drunk. It was a bizarre situation and no one really knew where they stood, but Henry was clearly heartbroken by it all.

Matty and Jordan quell the storyline

The two end up making it clear that there’s nothing happening. They operate on very different frequencies, which was very obvious to literally anyone with eyes. Matty is a free spirit who is open about his feelings, whereas Jordan is pretty much his polar opposite.

Henry cries to Trish about the Jordan situation

One day, Jordan ghosts Henry all day and moves his stuff away from Henry’s bed. Henry is beside himself and truly sad, and cried to Trish about how it feels. Trish has a word with Jordan, but seems like Jenry is over before it even began.

‘Tory soup’

Pretty much out of nowhere towards the end of the show, Jordan kisses Henry in the hot tub. It’s … intense. And quite cinematic. Danny Beard brands it “Tory soup”.

The kisses CONTINUE

They pretty much neck off nonstop now. Jordan says it’s “platonic, with kisses”. Okay!

Jordan gets fake evicted and Henry packs a necklace for him

In the spare room, Jordan pretty much wears Henry’s necklace all the time.

The two get reunited

It’s all very loved up by this point

Post – Big Brother

Since leaving Big Brother, Jordan and Henry have done a lot of press – where they continued to talk about spending time with each other.

In the early hours of Monday morning, Jordan posted that Henry and he had said the word ‘boyfriends’. Henry then confirmed it also. The two have done very loved up posts on Instagram about their new relationship.

Jordan described it as “incredibly, indescribably special.”

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