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Here’s every petty thing Luke and Jordan have said about each other since MAFS UK ended

Luke said that Jordan ‘has no real-life friends’ during their live interview for the boxing match


You might have thought Luke and Jordan would finally end their feud now MAFS UK has ended, but these two are the literal definition of petty. And so of course they’re still majorly feuding over their socials, and it’s got to the point where they’re actually going to have a boxing match in February to get out all of their anger. Are men aware therapy exists?

It can be exhausting to keep track of all the insults they’ve traded with each other, so to keep you up to speed here’s the rundown of every petty thing Luke and Jordan have said about each other since MAFS UK ended.

Luke confirms the two will have a boxing match and says he ‘can’t wait to punch Jordan’s head in’

There was talk of Luke and Jordan having a boxing match but last week Luke confirmed it was definitely going ahead. Luke said the venue and date had been confirmed and that he couldn’t wait to “punch Jordan’s head in again,” as the two “absolutely hate each other.”

Jordan accuses Luke of ‘not being brave enough’ to sign the boxing contract


Just waiting on Luke to sign the contract 📑 🥊 #mafs #mafsuk

♬ original sound – Jordan Gayle

Jordan posted on TikTok explaining more about the boxing match: “It’s getting interesting now. All we need now is for Luke to be brave enough to sign the contract and agree to fight me, everything else is in place, the fight date, the venue, all the plans, it’s all there.

“All we need is Luke to put your money where your mouth is. You’ve been running your mouth long enough. The time has come. I’m fed up with all this talk, and Luke’s words are going to come back to haunt him.”

Luke says there was never a contract for him to sign and Jordan is a ‘clout chaser’

Luke clapped back at Jordan’s accusation in an Instagram Q&A yesterday. Luke said: “So this is on the back of what Jordan has come out and said. There was never a contract actually put in front of me, I’ve verbally agreed to a fee with the organisers, and it’s underway so things should be sorted over the next few days if not early next week.

“Don’t listen to Jordan he’s just trying to clout chase followers or something, especially with his 100k likes to chop your hair off. Chop it off or don’t chop it off, who cares?

“There’s no actual contract to sign but when it lands in front of me I’ll sign it in seconds.”

Luke posted his body transformation in preparation for the match

Luke also posted about getting his weight down to 183lbs so that he can match Jordan’s weight category, and saying he’s getting “match fit.”. We see your use of the boxing glove emoji Luke. Luke also said in a comment that he’s getting paid “over £25k for 10 mins in the ring.” Not bad!

This boxing match is going to absolutely wild.

Luke called Jordan a ‘psychopath’

As reported by The Mail Online Jordan and Luke had a fight at the PrettyLittleThing Christmas event last night, whilst their shocked MAFS UK co-stars watched on.

An onlooker said the trouble started when a drink appeared to be thrown sparking a furious reaction as the two attempted to slap and hit each other.

A source described what happened between the MAFS UK stars: “It was really shocking for everyone at the event to witness, it was supposed to be a Christmas party and celebration of the year, but Jordan and Luke really brought down the tone of the evening.

“At first, they completely avoided each other and stayed on separate sides of the event space but eventually their paths crossed. Luke ended up soaking wet after Jordan threw a drink over him, which caused a big commotion among guests.

“Jordan and Luke started throwing punches at each other before being separated, and Jordan left soon after it happened.”

In a now deleted video Luke said: “Jordan, honestly, what an idiot. So you chose to chuck a drink at me at an exclusive event. What a f***ing idiot you are.

“I’ll be honest, I was this close to thinking that I might pull out of the fight, but you know what? I don’t want to. Because I want to make a mockery of you. You are nothing but a p*ssy.

“Everyone watching this video, go on and search up now traits of a psychopath. Jordan is a psychopath.

“And for Jordan to even be entertaining the idea of fighting me. And for you to then, at an exclusive event, throw a drink on me and then start slapping me in the face.

“You are getting dropped on the 9th of February at the O2 Indigo. You’re getting f*cked up. You’re an idiot. An idiot brother.”

Luke said Jordan ‘has no real-life friends’ during their Instagram live

Ahead of their boxing match in February, Jordan and Luke took to Instagram to have a pre-match live interview. And, as we all guessed about 99 per cent of the live consisted of them hurling insults at each other.

Luke said that Jordan has “no real-life friends” and that the production team had to “hire actors” in order to create the backstory for his introduction during MAFS UK.

Luke also claimed that Jordan’s ex-girlfriend’s mum had reached out to him to say that Jordan “was a cheat.” However, this has not been verified so it could just been Luke trying to get a reaction out of Jordan.

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