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Jordan from MAFS UK used to have his own personal fashion blog and it’s so 2015 coded

You simply have to see what he posted

Jordan from MAFS UK certainly has a unique sense of style, and his hair alone is a diversive topic with some thinking it makes him look like Jack Grealish in a good way, and others in a bad way. But Jordan actually used to have his own fashion blog where he posted all about his haircuts, outfits and favourite shoes.

Let’s dive into this relic of the past that Jordan has probably completely forgotten about.

In July 2015 Jordan posted about his summer outfit, but don’t be mistaken because this outfit “only comes on show when the weather is amazing.” Want to create his look for yourself? Luckily Jordan wrote a detailed description of his outfit.

“The outfit starts with my white Brasil Havaianas then goes on to my casual grey Hollister summer shorts and then topping the outfit off is my white stringer Ibiza vest. The outfit is simple, stylish and very summery with a cool look.”

Clearly, people who wear massive coats in summer were influenced by Jordan because in June he posted about his “outfit of the year.” Bear in mind this was posted in June, and his outfit of the year contains an absolutely massive coat and fleece. So what was his outfit of the year pray tell?

Jordan writes: “I am a big fan of the original Air Force 1s in white. So I decided to add red to my favourite fashion colours black and white. From there I put this outfit together by customising the original Nike Air Force 1s and purchasing a classic red and black coat from Nike. The colour coordination of the bright red and the black catches people’s eyes.” He must have been absolutely dripping in sweat.

Jordan’s hair is one of the main talking points to come out of MAFS UK, although it looks like he might be about to let Erica cut it… But back in his youth, he had a different hairstyle, as documented in his blog. You can definitely see the beginnings of the Grealish look come through though.

Jordan explained how he likes to “go for I like to go for a fresh neat haircut for summer and go shorter on the back and sides and this really gives it a cool look, with my longer hair on top falling back. I got this great haircut at Savilles Barbershop in Sheffield.” Maybe Erica can use this as her inspo for his new cut?


And we certainly can’t forget about his extensive shoe collection, which we already know is about 99 per cent different types of Nike Air Forces. He called his lineup of shoes “strong,” and described them as “the best of the best.” So what are the lucky shoes that made the lineup?

Jordan wrote: “For me, these shoes are the best of the best! The original white Nike Air Force 1s have to be the classic of all time. My love affair for the Nike Air Force 1’s turns into red. The best winter boots have to be Timberlands. Chelsea boots have to be the smartest and most stylish shoes which add class to any outfit they are worn with.”

Okay, fashion king. Pop off.


Jordan also had a little bio in his blog, where he describes himself as an “aspiring model, blogger as well as a personal trainer.” He also lists his favourite films which in 2015 were “Wolf of Wall Street, Airplane, The Book of Love, Naked Gun, Police Academy, The Guest, Goal and James Bond” A solid lineup.

The only other blog that Jordan followed was his ex-girlfriend’s, which she used to showcase her hairdressing skills.


Well if becoming an influencer doesn’t go to plan then Jordan can start up his blog again! Maybe he can document his new haircut with a blog post…

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