MAFS UK grooms hair salon

The grooms of MAFS UK did a meet and greet in a hair salon and the pictures are pure chaos

Imagine if one of them took over hair washing duties though

Now I know we’re all busy people, and sometimes getting your haircut can be quite time-consuming. And maybe if your appointment is in the evening it means you would miss out on that night’s episode of MAFS UK. Well, last Friday the grooms of MAFS UK did a meet and greet in a hair salon so you could combine the two. You read that right, not in a club or at a panel but a slightly random hair salon.

The event took place at Finn Hair just outside of Reading and was advertised as a “Ladies Night” with the opportunity to meet the grooms of MAFS UK. As well as a DJ you could meet Georges, Terence, Arthur, Luke, Paul and Thomas. Tickets started from £10 for just the meet and greet with a glass of prosecco for £40 if you wanted a blow-dry to look your best for when you met them.

Sadly, Georges and Arthur didn’t end up attending but the other grooms did and honestly, they looked like they were having a pretty iconic time.

The salon shared some of their own pictures, and in the first one, it genuinely looks like Thomas is fighting for his life, his head popping out of the sea of women is absolute chaos and I love it.

The grooms shared some of their own pictures too, with one of them showing the three grooms adorably holding Thomas, and the hair products in the background of the photo just really helped to bring the whole vibe together.


pov the mafs men turn up to your local hair salon #fyp

♬ original sound – Izzy Mackenzie

Someone shared a TikTok of their experience at the meet and greet and it just looks wild. Firstly I love that apart from the grooms from MAFS UK there are no other men in the hair salon at all. For the girlies only. Thomas was seen absolutely busting the moves, he actually looks like he’s having the time of his life. And of course, Terence was on the DJ deck proving the tunes for the night.

I can’t wait to see what other rogue locations they do a meet and greet in next!

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