Mitch reveals he ‘mentally couldn’t move on’ after his Love Island management dropped him

‘You need to realise that there are some not really nice people out there’

Mitch was dropped by his management last month after allegations he was “homophobic” and was behaving in a “disgusting” manner at a Space NK event, which he attended with Zachariah Noble.

But since then Mitch has explained how both the controversy and being dropped by his management actually “matured” him and made him realise that he can “adapt to events and stuff differently.”

His controversy came after an influencer who was also at the Space NK event claimed that Mitch said he and Zach were ‘the most famous people there’, threw money at a homeless man and made a homophobic comment. Mitch has released a lengthy statement addressing all these allegations before he got dropped from his post-Love Island management.

Mitch conceded the latter was true but was only intended “as a bit of banter” but strongly denied allegations that he tossed money at the homeless person.

He said, “As soon as I had my say and when people realised it wasn’t as bad as some people were making out, completely fine, but I wasn’t allowed to say anything.

“That is completely false I didn’t throw any money at a homeless person it was a kind gesture to give a homeless person money and it’s been twisted into an evil thing.”

Mitch admitted that the claims against him were emotionally difficult to deal with at first. “I was thinking it was either going to die down or explode and it exploded. I said my point, moving on and that’s it.

“Mentally, physically everything, I’m perfectly fine now, but at the time, just mentally you need to realise that there are some not really nice people out there that are trying to get views in order and the result of that one will damage people mentally.

“I think at the time I think the fact that I couldn’t get my point across because like I said, what was said about me, not exact things, they were making huge things about what I had said.

“I couldn’t really digest it because I can things if I said it and I know but I, you know, didn’t say these certain things or whatever the accusation getting made out to be, I couldn’t digest it.

“I couldn’t move on from it. So as soon as I said my part and it died down I was happy, but took two or three days to digest.”

Mitch also explained how the controversy had a surprisingly positive impact on his character. He explained, “To be honest, the person that was there for me the most was actually Zach,” he revealed.

“Zach was ringing me every hour to make sure I was alright. It’s made me have a new complete image of this industry to what I first came out with so it has matured me quite a bit.

“The worst possible way to go with all the stuff that’s been said about me, is it has matured me very well and obviously I can adapt to events and stuff differently. But yeah, I’m good. Zach was there for me. I’m good, I’m very happy.”

Since being dropped by his Love Island management due to the controversy, Mitch has said that he is planning to return to his day job as a British Gas engineer. One fan asked, “Are you going to be doing gas/plumbing work again?” Mitch replied saying, “100 per cent going to go back.”

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