All the evidence this season of Selling The OC was staged

It was MESSY

It’s a conversation that comes up every single time a new season of a show like Selling The OC gets released: How staged actually is the series? Are the conversations real? Is the drama set up? Are they even proper real estate agents? These questions circulate over and over again.

Whilst the shows always promise they aren’t scripted, that doesn’t mean they’re not edited to make things appear different to what actually happened. Plus, cast members from Selling Sunset have previously said some things they spoke about on the show were staged and set up by producers.

So, here’s a rundown of all the dodgy editing and storylines that proved season two of Selling The OC on Netflix was actually pretty staged. Shock!

A conversation with Kayla and Sean was possibly the worst edited convo in reality TV history

Drinks in reality shows are a big giveaway as to when a conversation has been edited badly, and often prove that reactions to different comments aren’t actually the reactions cast members have given to what’s being shown to us. And look, I know this happens a lot, but genuinely the conversation between Kayla and Sean was the worst example of this I’ve ever seen.

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In episode two, the pair met up in a restaurant to talk about work, but mainly Polly. The levels of their drinks went from empty to full, to empty to full at least six times.

Selling The OC season two on Netflix is staged

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And even worse, they had just water on their table when they arrived, then ordered some drinks, then had more drinks magically, then the waitress actually brought over these extra drinks, but then they were gone again, and then they arrived again. Messy!


Hate it when drinks disappear then reappear mid conversation !! #sellingOC #editingerror #fyp

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Then in a conversation between Alex Hall and Polly the drinks kept changing levels too

The editing team clearly learned nothing, because later in the series Alex Hall and Polly were sent out for a catchup in a bar, and their drinks were all over the place, too.

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One minute they had full mimosas, next minute they had empty mimosas. There’s one bit where they’re discussing Polly kissing Tyler, and it looks as though Alex rolls her eyes at Polly saying she doesn’t regret the kiss.

But, if you look at the levels in the drinks you can clearly tell the eye roll must have happened at a completely different time, because the drinks have been refilled.

Selling The OC season two on Netflix is staged

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Alex also says “this is a weird conversation” but it’s not clear which part of the conversation she’s on about – because of the bad editing. She literally can’t be on about the conversation we’ve just seen her having, because she had a full drink there, but when she comments about it being “weird” her drink is empty.

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Just tell us the truth!

Ali got hired into one of the top agencies in the country without a license?

This season saw newbie Ali Harper join The Oppenheim Group. The 30-year-old strolled into the office, said she wasn’t qualified and had no experience, and Jason said he hires for potential not qualifications and was all for her getting a job.

The Oppenheim Group markets itself as being one of the best agencies in all of the US, so you mean to say you can walk in and ask for a job and Jason will just say yes? I’m not convinced. Plus, someone on Twitter pointed out Ali has also been on another reality show, with the same producer of Selling The OC. “This is all very fake,” they said.

A quick Google search shows Ali was a cast member on a show called Music City, a docuseries that followed young adults chasing their dreams. This was in fact created by Adam DiVello – an executive producer for Selling The OC and Selling Sunset. 

Shock! The drinks are showing conversations are badly edited once again!

Selling The OC season two on Netflix is staged

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It wouldn’t be a round up of staged moments without at least three mentions of drinks and dodgy editing – and season two of Selling The OC was more than happy to provide. This time, Ali and Alexandra Jarvis were sent out for drinks, and were happily discussing what it’s like to be a southern girlie.

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When they arrive, the table is empty with no drinks – as it should be. Then the waiter comes over and they order some drinks. But then, the camera instantly cuts to Alexandra, who has a drink in her hand?!

She’s drinking a drink which the waiter is yet to deliver, and then her table is empty once again as she says “clearly it rubs the office up the wrong way”. So in short, we have no idea what rubs the office up the wrong way, because it’s been edited to make it look like it’s what they were just talking about, when it wasn’t.

Selling The OC season two on Netflix is staged

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A few camera cuts later, the waiter brings over the drinks… as in the one we’ve already seen Alexandra sipping on. Seamless!

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