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Cocktails and sports games: Inside icon Sophie Turner’s so-called ‘party girl’ life

This is a PSA to Sophie – let’s be friends

Sophie Turner really is an icon living. She’s got it all – career, family, looks and a banging social life. And so she should. The whirlwind saga which is her’s and Joe Jonas’ divorce has taken over my life, and both the internet and Joe’s media team are seemingly intent on painting her in a bad light. Why people are so obsessed with Sophie Turner and her supposed ‘party life’ I do not know – all I know is that she’s young and fun and is just living her life. What’s the crime?

After rumours of Joe being spotted without his wedding ring circulated, the buzz around the pair initially began online and we began thinking of all the signs we missed that the couple were headed for divorce.

Then, the online detectives among you worked out Joe had been skipping his “love letter” song to Sophie in the setlist of their most recent concerts, as well as slipping his ring on and off by the day, it appeared. And of course, most of us were in denial at first but when the first blow by TMZ came, reporting on rumours of their split. It all went downhill from there.

Since then we’ve endured the joint confirmation of their divorce on Instagram, and that finally seemed like it would be end of it. But christ, were we incorrect.

Now, people online are convinced that Joe’s PR team are pulling every string available make sure the world knows that Sophie Turner goes out. God forbid! From inside sources suddenly claiming Sophie “likes to party”, to conveniently timed paparazzi photos of him alone with the kids at a cafe, the smear campaign against Sophie is getting too much.

So amid the sea of rumours and bad press, what does Sophie Turner actually get up to when she’s not abandoning her so-called responsibilities as a woman to celebrate over a drink with friends?

Here’s a glance into Sophie Turner’s ‘party life’:

Sophie has previously, and for some reason controversially, said she’s a “homebody” and loves staying round the house, with her one dog walk a day being enough for her. Which is literally the same as any other 20-something-year-old. We stay in for months on end and conserve our energy for three or four barbaric nights out a year, which ends up equating to the exact same as your tame night out at the pub every Saturday when you add it up.

Aside from acting, which I suppose isn’t necessarily classed as a hobby when it makes you a reported net worth of $12million, Sophie is said to be into ballet. Which makes sense, as she definitely has that air of elegance about her. She also said she enjoyed painting and rock climbing and that time by herself is “really important”. She gets it.

She also is into watching sports, specifically basketball and football. We’ve all by now seen the clip circulating of her drinking at a sports game – where she’s being considered as an absolute legend, might I add. Do you see any of those cheering faces calling her a bad mum? No, I didn’t think so.

We know she likes a night out, with her recent wrap party in Birmingham proving that she can have a laugh and not take herself too seriously. From what we can pull together from the night, she looks like extremely good fun and definitely someone I want to be supping £6.50 cocktails with.

From what we can see from her Instagram, she’s a social butterfly and loves an excuse for a celebration, whether that be hosting Christmas for the Jonas’ or a hen do in Benidorm. Her pregnancy disposable pictures are also nothing short of iconic – she’s not a regular mum, she’s a cool mum.

Sophie’s also into music, revealing her favourite Taylor Swift album to be 1989 “hands down”. She also once informed Joe while on TikTok Live together that Swift’s album Reputation was partly inspired by Sansa and Arya Stark, hers and Maisie Williams’ characters in Game of Thrones. So take that, Joe.

And she is actually still really close with Maisie, who was maid of honour at her wedding back in 2019. Even though the pair live on different continents, they still make sure to meet up are have been spotted together out and about with Maisie’s boyfriend, Reuben Selby.

Speaking to Stylist back in 2018, Sophie really won over fans when she revealed her idea of her personal superhero to be her mother’s best friend, who’s raising her family on her own. She said she admired someone who provided for others when they don’t need to – which is actually so wholesome, and is basically the whole premise of marriage in a way.

Sophie also repeatedly stresses how much her family and friends mean to her, often mentioning them and how she doesn’t get to see them as much as she’d like when working. See – all normal, adult woman stuff.

From what we can gather, the Sophie Turner party life saga is being massively blown out of proportion and is nothing out of the ordinary. She’s a family gal, she’s got tonnes of hobbies and she loves the occasional night out with pals when celebrating. Sophie actually sounds like a whole load of fun and total vibes – I’d love to have her in my friendship group, who wouldn’t?

She’s clearly just a woman who’s called time on a relationship that’s no longer serving her. So we can stop the witch hunt now, guys.

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