Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner before their divorce

All the signs we missed that Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas were headed for divorce

My heart genuinely cannot take this

Another day, another relationship casualty of 2023. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are reportedly heading for a divorce, four years after getting married. They both met in 2016, married in 2019 and currently have two daughters together.

Despite the unexpected news of their divorce, from disappearing wedding rings to an Instagram cull, here are all the signs you might have missed that they have been drifting apart for a while now.

Joe’s disappearing and reappearing wedding ring

Joe was seen without his ring during shows in Dallas on 30 August, in St. Louis on 27 August and in St. Paul on 1 September, and Sophie was also spotted without her wedding ring on her friends’ story. He was last wearing the ring on stage in Chicago on 25 August, with fans speculating that it’s a tactical PR move to put it back on at his concert knowing all eyes would be on whether he was wearing it or not.

As fans started to notice his lack of a ring at his concerts he posted this pic just yesterday, where the pose is giving ‘look at me wearing my ring’ vibes. Talk about crisis management.

Selling their Miami mansion

Back in December the two listed their mansion in Miami for $15 million, and completed the sale earlier last month, with no news of the two buying a new place for them to live in together.

Sophie wasn’t seen at his birthday party

Joe shared some very aesthetic pictures of him and his family for his birthday in August on Instagram, but one person was missing from every single photo. After all, we all know the power behind who you do and don’t include in Instagram posts, so this is a big yikes.

Joe has deleted all pics of them together

In yet another pretty obvious, broken up and want to wipe clean any existence of your ex move, Joe has deleted all pictures of Sophie and him from his Instagram. Sophie still has pictures of the two together, with one still up from as recent as just two weeks ago. Like what is happening rn??

Skipping singing Hesitate in his most recent shows

The song Hesitate has been described by Joe Jonas as “a love letter” to Sophie Turner, which is very cute. But awkwardly Joe left out the song in the setlist in his most recent concerts, despite it being featured on their tour previously. My poor heart cannot take this.

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