Want to romanticise your life? Here are the most boujee uni libraries in the UK

Catch me scrolling TikTok and doing no work in absolutely every one of them

Whilst libraries and studying will probably be the last thing on most freshers heading to uni this year’s minds, where you study and how much of a vibe it is is definitely important.

There’s nothing better than putting your favourite outfit together, making the trek to your favourite library, getting a silly little coffee, finding a spot only to just sit at the desk on TikTok for four hours and then heading home for a nap.

But this only works if you’re doing it at the right place. We’ve already done a rundown of the boujiest student accommodation in case you had a bit of extra cash to splash but what about the fanciest uni libraries in the UK?

So, if you’re needing some study inspiration here are the most boujee uni libraries in the UK:

12. Sir Duncan Rice Library – University of Aberdeen

Kicking off strong with some very cool architecture. Lacking the dark academia vibes, the Sir Duncan Rice Library at The University of Aberdeen definitely differs from the rest of the libraries on the list but deserved a shout out because of just how cool the building looks.

Named after a former principal of the university, this library was built in 2011.

11. King’s Manor Library – University of York

King’s Manor Library at The University of York was originally built in 1270 and was actually visited by Henry VIII when he visited York. One of the smaller libraries on the list, you can imagine the absolute CARNAGE of trying to get a seat in here during exam season. I’m imagining reserving sun beds on holiday kind of vibe.

Wowing at the lights though!

10. Wills Memorial Library – University of Bristol

Housed inside the beautiful Wills Memorial Building, this library was built in 1915 and is apparently one of the last great Gothic buildings to be built in England. You can just imagine all the Bristol students heading here pretending they’re at Oxbridge and ignoring the six lines of ket they did the night before.

9. Mitchell Library – Glasgow

So whilst this is technically a public library and not a uni one, it couldn’t not be included. And yes this is actually a library and not the White House. The inside is definitely much less impressive but still blown away at this pic.

8. Brotherton Library – University of Leeds

Absolutely loving the pops of green in the Brotherton Library at The University of Leeds. That chandelier? Giving major roaring twenties and Great Gastby vibes and I’m so here for it.

The Brotherton library was built in 1936 and is a Grade II listed building. You would never get me out of here.

7. Liverpool Central Library – Liverpool

Another one that’s technically not a uni library and is public owned, but all Liverpool students are able to use the Liverpool Central Library for free and honestly why wouldn’t you? Literally just look at it! I think I could stare at that ceiling forever.

6. Cambridge University Library – University of Cambridge

Now it might just be the mood lighting, but the dark academia vibes are strong with this one. With Cambridge being Cambridge, it has over 100 libraries at the university. But this one is the biggest and definitely the most boujee. It has over nine MILLION books and items.

5. Richardson Research Library – University of St Andrews

Could definitely see Kate and Wills passing each other little love notes here when they were writing their dissertations at St Andrews.

This building was bought literally off the Church of Scotland in 2012 and made into a library. It is named after former St Andrews Vice Chancellor Louise Richardson who later became the VC of Oxford.

4. Bishop Cosin’s Library –  University of Durham

As far as boujee uni libraries go, this is definitely up there. I’m sorry but imagine logging into ChatGPT sat in this library. You’d feel like you’re comitting a million sins while the old paintings on the wall judge you. Scary stuff.

The Bishop Cosin’s Library was opened by Bishop John Cosin in 1669 and was donated to the university when it opened in 1832.

3. John Rylands Library – University of Manchester

Via Gary Basnett/Shuttershock

Coming in at number three, is Manchester’s John Rylands Library. Literally obsessed with how beautiful this photo is! The John Rylands Research Institute and Library is a late-Victorian neo-Gothic building on Deansgate and was built in 1899.

2. Maughan Library – King’s College London

Look at THIS! Apparently this library inspired Dumbledore’s office in Harry Potter and it’s not hard to see why. Built in 1851, Kings College London’s Maughan Library is another neo-Gothic building. It used to be home to the Public Record Office until it was bought by the university in 2001.

1. Radcliffe Camera – University of Oxford

And finally, of course Oxford had to take the top spot for the most boujee uni libraries in the UK. Part of the university’s Bodleian library complex of 28 libraries, this one is definitely the fanciest.

It was built in 1737-49 and is known as the focal point of Oxford. It would be hart not to romanticise your life if you were doing your seminar reading here.

Featured images via Gary Basnett/Shuttershock, Ben Seymor on Unsplash and The University of St Andrews

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