A boujee uni room at Durham

A rundown of the most boujee student halls in 2023, if you’re feeling fancy

These rooms put your dingy little room to shame

For most people living in student halls, the reality is shoebox rooms, pest problems and constantly turning up your music to drown out your flatmates shagging next door. Most people can’t wait to get out and have the independence of moving into a student house with their mates.

But up and down the country, there are actually some gems of student halls that are fit for royalty, because some of them actually were.

The average student rent in the UK is £535 a month, which works out at £133 a week. But for some of the rooms on this list, students pay a whole lot more.

Here’s a rundown of the most boujee student halls in the UK, in case you have a bit of extra cash to splash.

Holland Hall, Exeter

Although not as grand of some of the halls on this list, Holland Hall at The University of Exeter is definitely the most sought after accommodation for Exeter students. Each room is en-suite and has its own balcony which, compared to my old dingy halls room, definitely feels like a luxury.

The halls have a “fabulous view over Exe valley” according to the uni website as well as a glass-fronted restaurant and sun terrace perfect for sunbathing. A room in Holland hall will cost you £9,160.45 for a 32 week contract which works out at £286 a week.

Hulme Hall, Manchester

Hulme Hall is definitely Manchester’s most boujee accommodation. Whilst the rooms are pretty bog standard on the inside, it’s grand exterior definitely makes up for it.

Hulme Hall is fully catered and rooms start from £7,392 for a 41-week let. This works out at a decent £180.29 a week.

Moonraker Point, King’s

Another uni that might not look the fanciest, but with a price of £357 a week, a London uni definitely had to make the list. In walking distance of the Tate Modern and the Thames, Moonraker Point is located in the Zone One area of Southwark.

An ensuite self-catered room here sets you back a massive £357 a week. This works out at £14,637 for a 41-week let. If you go to uni in London, you really are brave.

Churchill Hall, Bristol

Now we’re getting into the fancy territory. Churchill Hall at Bristol houses 2,500 students and is located two miles from the uni campus. It is right by the Botanic Gardens and Clifton Suspension Bridge. Built in 1956, these fancy halls were named after Winston Churchill who was the uni’s third Chancellor.

A single catered and shared bathroom room at Churchill Hall will cost £206.05 a week, adding up to £8,673 for a 42 week let.

Oriel College, Oxford

Now it’s definitely no surprise that an Oxford room is featuring on this list. One of the more fancy colleges, the dark wood in this Oriel College room at the Rectory Road Site is definitely wowing. Imagine actually having room for a sofa and armchair in your uni room.

A room at Oriel ranges from around £1,200 to £1,600 a term which, with Oxford terms being only eight weeks, works out at between £150 and £200 a week and between £3,600 and £4,800 across the three terms.

Mylnes Court Edinburgh

Located on Edinburgh’s famous Royal Mile you can’t get any more central or classic Edi than Mylnes Court. I’m actually blown away at the double windows in this room. My dingy little skylight could never. Imagine the lighting for selfies!

A large single room here costs £6,095 a year. This works out at £145 a week for a 42 week let.

Founder’s Hall, Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway University

Image credit: Royal Holloway

I know absolutely nothing about Royal Holloway uni other than the fact that this building is probably the most beautiful uni building I’ve ever seen and you can live in it! Like seriously, if I lived here I would be INSUFFERABLE with romanticising my life.

Everyone at Royal Holloway wants to live in Founder’s Tower and its easy to see why. It was opened in 1886 by Queen Victoria herself and houses a Victorian dining hall, chapel and gallery.

A large single room here costs £195 a week for a 38 week let. This works out at £7,438.55 a year. Rooms in Founder’s Hall are also arranged in single gender corridors of 24 students.

St John’s College, Cambridge

Now you definitely can’t have a rundown of the most boujee uni halls without a feature from the UK’s second oldest uni. This picture is a “single living area” in St John’s College, Cambridge. The crests on the door? The fire place? I’m going feral at how posh this is. Imagine hosting your pres in here, chaos.

A room in St John’s College costs up to £1204.02 per term. As Cambridge terms are also eight weeks, this works out at £150 a week which is not bad for something straight out of Harry Potter.

St Salvator’s Hall, St Andrews

Uni halls fit for royalty because it actually was. Built in the 1930s, St Salvator’s Hall was where Prince William met Kate when they were both living there in their first year of uni. Can you imagine the clout from living in their old rooms?

A room in St Salvator’s Hall would cost you £8,269 per year. For a 37 week catered contract, this comes to £223.48 a week.

Christ Church College, Oxford

When student accommodation can actually look like this, Oxford has to have another feature here. This room is from St Aldate’s Quad in Christ Church College, Oxford.

The dark wood and red tones are definitely slaying but I’m not sure how much I can get behind sharing a room at uni, no matter how fancy.

The most expensive rooms in Christ Church cost £2,104 for a ten week term. This works out at £210 a week for a beautiful room like this.

University College Durham

And in what has to be the most impressive uni room I’ve ever seen, University College Durham officially has the most boujee student halls in the UK. Like seriously, this room belongs in Hogwarts it’s truly insane. I will never get over that window!

This college is also known as Castle and it’s not hard to see why. A room here, including catering, costs £9,156 for a 39 week let. This works out at £234.76 a week.

Featured image via The University of Durham.

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