How much Love Island star Adam Collard makes on OnlyFans

Adam Collard’s OnlyFans earnings have been revealed and he’s making six figures a month?!

He could buy a house every month just because of OnlyFans

Experts have estimated just how much they think Love Island star Adam Collard is earning on OnlyFans, and it turns out he’s pocketing more than most of us will make in our entire lives, every single month.

Yes, really. Adam, who became famous after Love Island 2018, might not charge people all that much to sign up to his exclusive adult-only platform, but once on there he has loads of subscribers who are helping him fund a very lavish lifestyle. He’s making hundreds of thousands per month, and is one of the UK’s highest OnlyFans earners right now.

How much money does Adam Collard make from OnlyFans?

According to experts at SlotsUp, Adam Collard makes around £271,718 a month on OnlyFans. Yes, a MONTH. That makes him one of the UK’s top earners on the site. He joined the platform in 2020, a year and a half after leaving the Love Island villa, and eclipsing being a personal trainer and influencer, his OnlyFans account is what now makes him the most money.

Right now, it costs just $8 (about £6.50) per month to subscribe to Adam’s account, but once on there you can pay for additional content and one-off extras on request. As well as exclusive content, Adam also posts a lot of gym stuff on OnlyFans. “Everything about me…,” his bio reads.

Announcing Adam joining the site, OnlyFans said: “From barbells to banter, he’s sharing his best fitness tips, advice and workouts as well as giving you the chance to see a more personal side to his life. He wants to give back to his fans and is waiting for you to get involved.”

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