A ranking of the net worths of the stupidly rich Made in Chelsea: Corsica cast members

Ok they’re actually self-made

It’s no surprise that the MIC lot are rich – it’s kinda the entire premise of the show. But, as years have gone on the cast have become less and less millionaire heirs and more influencers and friends of previous cast members, instead. So what are the net worths of the cast of Made in Chelsea: Corsica?

Not all of the cast members’ net worths are known, because some of the Corsica bunch are a lot less known than previous Made in Chelsea faces. But, out of those who have been estimated, we’re still in the realms of hugely successful business people and millionaires.

Here is a ranking of the huge net worths of the cast of Made in Chelsea: Corsica.

Ruby Adler – £200k

The net worths of the cast of Made in Chelsea Corsica

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Ruby is thought to be worth around £200k. She is a modelling agent, working for top Chelsea-based agency Storm. She has over 100k Instagram followers, so also makes a lot of money through branded deals.

Tristan Phipps – hundreds of thousands

The net worths of the cast of Made in Chelsea Corsica

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The net worth of Tristan Phipps isn’t exactly known, but it’s fair to say that at the moment he is making some serious bank. He’s been on the show for a while now, so has managed to make a decent amount of money from that, and has built up a substantial Instagram following. He can earn a good couple of hundred pounds per post he does for a brand.

He also is a co-owner of Bellr, a houseplant company which was launched by his MIC co-star, Sam Prince. During lockdown in 2020, Sam and Tristan started the business together, and it sells high-quality houseplants.

Miles Nazaire – £700k

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Miles is thought to be worth around £700k from his TV career as well as modelling and social media work. Outside of Made in Chelsea, Miles works as an influencer, and has his own podcast. He’s the co-host of Playtime Podcast, alongside his best mate Charlie Radnedge, who’s been on MIC and was also on Love Island. Miles also co-founded Playtime Productions, the company behind the podcast.

Harvey Armstrong – £1million

The net worths of the cast of Made in Chelsea Corsica

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Harvey is the CEO and co-founder of Prime Time Lager, which has been around since 2019. The brand describes itself as an “innovative craft beer brand looking to shake up the traditional market.” Harvey founded the brand alongside former Made in Chelsea co-star, Sam Holmes.

In an interview, Harvey said the brand has made him a millionaire, and he thinks the company will be worth £250million by 2030.

Olivia Bentley – £1.1million

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Liv is basically the queen of Made in Chelsea, and has appeared on a few other TV shows off the back of her MIC fame too. On top of this, she has a career as a nude photographer, and does influencing jobs with brands on Instagram.

Liv is co-founder of JOMO London, which stands for Joy Of Missing Out. It’s a personal self-care brand, with an ethos of empowerment and confidence. She founded the brand alongside make-up artist, Bella Campbell. The brand stocks CBD infused arousal oil.

Sam Prince – £1.5million

The net worths of the cast of Made in Chelsea Corsica

via E4

Sam Prince is a business owner and influencer. One of his businesses is a sustainable brand called Forager Health, which sells functional products such as teas, with targeted health benefits. He also runs a houseplant company with Tristan.

From his businesses and influencer work, he’s said to have earned a healthy net worth of £1.5million. Out of all the net worths of the Made in Chelsea: Corsica cast, Sam Prince’s is the highest.

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