Made in Chelsea Corsica location where is Corsica

Infinity pools and concierge: Inside the €22k per week Made In Chelsea: Corsica villa

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I know, I know, Made In Chelsea filming locations are always beautiful. But oh my god has the Corsica series seriously outdone itself. Insane views of rolling hills, infinity pools, alfresco dining spaces, rustic decking, picturesque rooftops, rain showers – I can’t handle their villas.

“It was like being on boujee Island,” Joel joked to The Tab ahead of the series – but was he really kidding? Because the accommodation the Made in Chelsea: Corsica cast were holed up in for six weeks is seriously breath taking. So, let’s take a look inside and try not to die of jealousy.

First things first, where actually is Corsica?

First things first: Geography. Corsica is an island basically smack bang between France and Italy in the Mediterranean Sea, perched just above Sardinia. Corsica is owned by France and has been since 1767 when the country bought the island from Italy.

Where in Corsica are the Made In Chelsea cast staying?

For the Corsica series, the Made In Chelsea cast have been split between two villas: Villa Tozza (Temps and Imogen, Miles, Liv and Freddy) and Villa a Mondria (Tristan, Yas, Inga, Sam, Willow and Bella). And, as you’ll see as the episodes air, the living set up gets seriously tense at times.

Villa Tozza is in the Porto-Vecchio area of Corsica where, as you might expect, all of the big yachts pull into the island. It’s known for its boujee bars, restaurants and beach clubs, where the cast spent lots of their time while they were out there.

The spec on Villa Tozza is absolutely unreal. I’m talking six bedrooms, six bathrooms, panoramic views, an infinity pool, a concierge, and a mediterranean garden with acres of land.

Made in Chelsea Corsica villa where is it

Image credit: Le Collectionist

Unsurprisingly, the prices match the property and booking in costs from €9,090 to €22,295 per week depending on check in dates. One guest who stayed there simply described it as “heaven”.

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