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‘I’m nervous for the show to air’: Yas on being this season’s Made In Chelsea villain

She chats to The Tab about entering her chaos era

Every season of Made In Chelsea has a chief chaos officer. Historically, it’s been Spencer Matthews or Jamie Laing. In recent years, it’s been Miles or Julius. But for the new season of MIC, Made In Chelsea: Corsica, a surprise player has entered the chat: Yas Zweegers. First she hooks up with Liv Bentley’s ex Tristan, then she gets with newly single Sam Prince to ex Inga‘s horror— it’s totally unexpected pandemonium. So, we caught up with the woman herself to find out what’s going on:

“It was definitely a rollercoaster,” Yas says of her time in Corsica. “Liv didn’t like me because I was getting with her ex but we’re fine now. She’s a bold character to be up against. You don’t want to get on the wrong side of Liv,” she adds of their inevitable row during the season. “I didn’t know what was coming my way. People said ‘watch out’ and I was like ‘oh it’ll be fine!’ It wasn’t fine.” 

The trailer for Made in Chelsea: Corsica is confusing. One minute Yas is sat on Tristan’s lap. The next minute she confesses to kissing Sam Prince. “Tristan left Corsica,” explains Yas. “It’s like when you’re single and you meet a guy on holiday and then it’s like ‘oh okay they’re gone’. You’re there for a few more weeks…you might meet another guy – who knows!… Tristan, we’re quite friendly,” she says of her relationship with the boys now. “Sam and I – it’s complicated.” 

Channel 4 took down the original trailer for Made In Chelsea: Corsica after Yas received hate for breaking loyalties amongst the cast and kissing not one but two of the other girls’ recent ex-boyfriends – a decision she reveals she didn’t request. “I am nervous [for the show to air],” she admits. “There’s going to be a lot of opinions about me but with time it’ll be someone else’s actions. But it’s a circle of life in the whole cast. Everyone gets their turn. My turn was Corsica.”

Yet, despite of all chaos, drama and tears, Yas stayed on the island till the end – unlike Tristan who got on a plane as soon as Liv touched down. “I had to deal with it,” she says. “I couldn’t run away. You know what you signed yourself up for. I’m going to see it through. When I started MIC I said ‘I’ll never get myself involved in drama. I’ll never fall out with anyone’. Then I fell out with someone every day.”

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