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‘I was stunned’: MIC’s Liv Bentley vows she won’t take Tristan back after shock betrayal

She spoke to The Tab about single life and who she’s dating next

Nothing could have prepared us for the drama of Made In Chelsea: Corsica. Kissing, shouting—The show has erupted into absolute abject chaos. When we last left the cast, Tristan and Liv were – teary eyed – breaking up their on-and-of-and-on-again relationship. But cut to the new season, and Tristan has Yas Zweegers perched on his lap, pulling her in for a long (very public) kiss. He’s an absolute savage. So, what is going on? We caught up with Liv Bentley to find out:

“When I first found out [about Yas and Tristan] we were at Sophie and Jamie’s wedding in Spain,” Liv tells The Tab of the betrayal. “I was a bit stunned really. Tristan had made this pact – happens every time we break up – saying ‘let’s not get with anyone from the show until at least giving it a grace period’. Well, three minutes for him is his grace period. Mine’s more like three months. So, I wasn’t really surprised because this isn’t even the first time this has happened.”

Looking back on the shock news, Liv admits: “I was so over Tristan by that point. I honestly didn’t really give a shit. What bothered me was Yas. With Tristan, the relationship [deterioration] had gone on for so long that I was over it when it actually ended. That’s why the break up was so easy. What was hard were the arguments after the break up,” she teased of the Corsica drama.

Long-standing fans of the show will know (and be semi-exhausted by) the number of times Tristan and Liv have broken up and gotten back together. Will this time be another break rather than a break up? “No, no, no!” Liv claims. “My mum said to me the other day ‘if you do this again I’ll kill you’. The last break up we had was very amicable,” she adds. “Now, I can see him in person and it’s no problem. But there’s no romantic love.” 

Despite being on the same show, Tristan and Liv managed not to spend a single day in Corsica together, with him flying out for work the second she arrived to the MIC villa. “I loved Tristan wasn’t there when I got there,” Liv admits. “They call me hurricane Bentley. I just love the show when you’re single…we managed to have our own summer separately and enjoy it.”

And who is she dating now? “Just you wait and see,” Liv says. “Half the cast!” 

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