Miles Nazaire from Made in Chelsea with new girlfriend Amélie Esquenet

Miles from Made in Chelsea has a new girlfriend, and she’s a stunning personal trainer

‘I’m happy, not sure you can tell’

Over the years on Made in Chelsea, Miles has laid his dating history bare and often spoken about a girlfriend or dated people on the show and then it’s quickly fizzled out.

He’s recently opened up more about a previous breakup, and now has debuted a new girlfriend on Instagram, who he says he’s very happy with. On Made in Chelsea and in the public eye, Miles has dated people such as Maeva D’Ascanio, Tiffany Watson, Ruby Adler and Ella May Ding.

So who is the new girl in his life? Here’s what we know.

Miles from Made in Chelsea has posted about a new girlfriend, called Amélie

In a cute post on Instagram, Made in Chelsea star Miles shared some pictures of his new girlfriend, who he tagged as Amélie Esquenet. Sharing what he’s been up to recently, featuring a whole bunch of pictures of Amélie, Miles said: “It’s been a long week.. but I’m happy not sure you can tell.”

The pictures included the couple out water skiing together, and a cute loved up mirror selfie of Miles kissing her. “I can’t believe it,” one person said. “You’ve got a girlfriend!” Miles’ Made in Chelsea best friend, Temps, commented: “Hard launch 🚀”.

She’s a personal trainer in London

Miles hasn’t shared any details about Amélie, but a quick look on her Instagram shows she’s a personal trainer. She has her own separate fitness Instagram account, which lists her as a personal trainer at Soho House and a coach at another venue in Fitzrovia.

It looks as though she’s also heavily into travelling, with her main Instagram profile highlights mostly being all the different places she’s visited. She’s checked into Ibiza, Paris, Byron Bay, New York, California, Bahamas, San Fransisco and the Amalfi Coast, among other places recently.

I wonder if she’ll be making an appearance on the newest episodes of Made in Chelsea? 👀

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