cities with cheapest coffee

Important! These are the university cities where a coffee will cost you the most

Extra hot cappuccino with oat milk, please

Coffee isn’t a luxury, it’s an essential. Whether you’re a Pret advocate through and through, or believe a Greggs Americano will do the trick, coffee is the lifeline most of us rely on to get us through the day. So it makes sense that every campus, shopping park and service station everywhere is equipped with one of many staple coffee shops to ensure you get your fix. But for recent graduates, coffee is often the first thing we cut to save the pennies and so it’s handy to know all the cities with expensive coffee.

Choosing a new city to live in is daunting as it is, so it’s important to make sure you’re moving for the right reasons.  Compare the Market has created an index of the best cities for graduates to move to after leaving university, taking into account factors such as the number of job opportunities, living costs, the number of other 21 to 30-year-olds and even, the cost of a cappuccino. So you can wisely choose what city to move to after university and guarantee your caffeine fix.

Here are the top 10 university cities with the most expensive coffee:

10. Reading

Reading placed on the lower end of the price scale when it came to hot beverages, at £3.04. It makes sense that it’s in the top ten, but I expected a higher ranking for the vibey festival town of the south.

cities with cheapest coffee

9. Leicester

A fraction more expensive, a cappuccino in Leicester will cost you £3.05. Still a fair price for a caffeine fix surely.

8. Nottingham

A cappuccino in Nottingham will set you back £3.08. That’s still quite cheap, and yet another respectable city to move to as a new grad about to embark on your next chapter.

cities with cheapest coffee

7. Sheffield

Another reason why we love the north, a coffee in Sheffield will cost you £3.08. Perhaps a location you wouldn’t initially think of moving to, but clearly one worth considering with bargains like that.

6. Edinburgh

At £3.14, coffee in Edinburgh is decently priced for a capital city. A fair price to pay in a fair city, if you ask me.

5. Leeds

While not absurd, I expected cheaper prices from Leeds, with a cappuccino costing you a slightly steeper price at £3.15. That’s not very God’s Own County-esque.

4. Swansea

Excuse me? How on Earth is coffee pricier in Swansea than in Edinburgh or Reading? Clearly this is overcompensation for the to lack of footfall they experience down there. A arguable £3.20 here.

cities with cheapest coffee

3. Manchester

This one surprised me – often considered the better, cheaper and northern alternative to London, the average cappuccino in Manchester will set you back £3.21. I expected better.

2. Bristol

Not entirely shocking, Bristol lands itself as the second most expensive university city to grab a cappuccino at £3.30. Although, this one makes sense as Bristol is basically London without the population and the smell.

cities with cheapest coffee

1. London

Of course it is. London is officially the most expensive student city to purchase a cappuccino from, but surely you’re not surprised. At an average price of £3.43, a coffee here is on the pricer side and definitely the first thing you’re cutting out of your daily routine when the budget gets tight.

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