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Ranked: These are the wettest university cities in the UK

Because it won’t stop bloody raining!

It’s no secret that the UK is one of the rainiest countries in the world. On the odd occasion, we actually have an ounce of sun and it can be easy to forget. But not recently. I genuinely need to know what is going on and why it won’t stop bloody raining in the UK at the moment.

But some parts of the UK do get more than others and a new ranking from WhichBingo has collated advice from Global Meteorologist Jim Dale alongside data from the Met Office to rank the UK’s rainiest cities.

So if you’re at uni in Newcastle, I’d advise investing in an umbrella because it gets over 1,312.97 mm of rain a year.

20. London

If you’re at uni in London, it might be the worst city to find student accommodation, but it’s actually the driest on the list. London gets over 599.48 mm of rain per year.

19. Northampton

Although still with a substantial 604.76 mm of rain a year, Northampton is the second driest city on this list with the least amount of rainfall per year.

18. Nottingham

With 606.27 mm of rain per year, Nottingham is the third driest city on the list.

17. Hull

It might be the most depressed city in the UK, but at least it doesn’t have the most rain in the UK. Hull gets 614.93 mm of year.

16. Derby

Derby is next on the list with 621.26 mm of rainfall per year. Apparently Derby averages 149 rainy days per year.

15. Edinburgh

Edinburgh gets 624.14 mm of rain a year. Jim Dale, Global Meteorologist said that Scotland is most likely to experience long periods of rainfall at once.

14. Coventry

With an average of 9.3 days of rain a month, Coventry gets 626.81 mm of rainfall a year.

13. Liverpool

With 767.26 mm of rainfall per year, Liverpool is expected to get 12 days of rain per month.

12. Birmingham

With an average of 13 days rain per month, Birmingham gets 673.73 mm of rain per year.

11. Bristol

Just slightly more than Birmingham, Bristol gets 787.96 mm of rain per year.

10. Manchester

Manchester gets 795.28 mm of rainfall a year. The data also said that northwestern regions such as Manchester and Liverpool are most likely to experience frontal rain (long periods of rain).

9. Bradford

Another quite rainy city, Bradford gets 847.54 mm of rainfall per year.

8. Brighton

With the rainiest month in Brighton being October, it gets 854.48 mm of rain a year.

7. Southampton

Also high on the list is Southampton with 871.61 mm of rain fall per year. Southampton averages 136 rainy days per year.

6. Sheffield

Another northern city with a lot of rain, Sheffield gets 911.22 mm of rain per year.

5. Belfast

Northern Ireland also gets a lot of rain with 977.70 mm per year. In Belfast it tends to rain 155 days of the year.

4. Cardiff

Once claimed to be the wettest city in the UK, Cardiff is fourth on this ranking with 1,147.92 mm of rain per year.

3. Glasgow

One of the wettest cities on the list, Glasgow is one of the rainiest cities in the UK with 1,207.42 mm of rain per year. Glasgow tends to get 167 days of rain per year.

2. Plymouth

Plymouth, a city which couldn’t actually get more Southern, is the second rainiest city in the UK with 1268.15 mm of rain every single year. Although averaging less says of rain per year at 138, it tends to rain heavier and for longer periods.

1. Newcastle

And drumroll, Newcastle is officially the rainiest city in the UK with a massive 1,312.97 mm of rain per year. Newcastle averages 169 days of rain per year. I guess the rumour that the north never stops raining really is true.

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